Typing on your phone

  • I do squiggles
  • I tap

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I don’t really understand the squiggles. I used them to right this but it didn’t work for the word squiggles

  • Standard keyboard (you can change the keyboard?)
  • Google Keyboard (Gboard)
  • SwiftKey
  • Fleksy
  • Chrooma

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can’t believe people still tap


really distrust squigglers


You have to do a little loop to get the double g in squiggle.

Sounds complicated

Just imagine having to do that staccato nonsense rather than the elegant legato of swipe type.


I never got the hang of predictive text on dumbphones either

Well now I don’t know what to think.


Thumb isnt long enough to squiggle one handed. Would never be able to write the word pasta.

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used 8pen for a while, that was cool. stuff like that really appeals to me for some reason :nerd_face:

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Prefer squiggles but keep forgetting to set it up on this phone.

Pleated too anoint tat I mad squid eel

What’s squiggles?

just remembered when i thought barleysugar’s hand was massive and then i checked and it was the same size as mine

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I still tap because I forget to squiggle 90% of the time, tapping is too ingrained for me now.

Pleased to announce that I’m a squiggler


You can trace a line between letters rather than tapping on each one like a 73 year old Conservative voter.


You trace a line over the characters that make up the word that you want to use instead of tapping each one. There’s a learning curve, but after a day or two it’s much faster for most languages with a Latin keyboard.

Also known as Swyping, after the original keyboard that did this.