Typing on your phone

I like squiggles but still defer to taping. This message was written with squiggle tech with no amendments. I think we can all agree it has gone surprisingly well.

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don’t trust anyone that doesn’t use the swiftkey keyboard

but also, don’t trust anyone that squiggles

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I use swiftkey but I’m a bit freaked on them storing all my precious words

Going to give SwiftKey a go now. I will report back on my findings.

I have a good idea for a few days ago the best of my life and I will have the same but different from that of course.

^Typed entirely by selecting from the three suggested words above the keyboard. Think I’ll stick to squiggles for the foreseeable, rather than go full Trumpian AI.

Swype. The only time squiggles can let you down is when a whole word is on the same row.

Wish i still had a blackberry


Mostly because I’m not a tory-voting estate agent with an apple watch who misses Stuff magazine. Or something.


I heard that wint bloke squiggles his deliberate typos.

not even sure i’d be able to tap now with my RSI
look after your fingers everyone

Isn’t it only iPhone fools who still need to tap on individual letters?

Tried to squiggle “sparkly” and it came out as “spatiotemporal”.

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^not this.

Good for typing but terrible for everything else.

I squiggle. Can be annoying but generally is the best way. I have a really bad tremor a lot of the time so i find it easier squiggling.

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I guess the squiggle thing doesn’t work with the default keyboard on this phone? When I try it just changes the letter. Unless I’ve not understood it?

What phone do you have?

Samsung S… 6? Probably

Yeah, you’d need to switch to SwiftKey or GBoard (Google’s one).