U.S. Girls - new album 'In a Poem Unlimited' out February

One of my favourite artists, Half Free being my album of 2015. And she’s damn good live too.

Anyone else equally excited?


pure buzzing for it

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Love her/them!

Really interested in what’s she’s doing with a eight (?) piece band now.

It’s been really great, the way US Girls has developed from the early stuff. Kind of wish I’d been able to see them live during those first few years. Been a huge fan throughout and thought the last album was maybe their best? Excited for this one.

This’ll be cool. I was really surprised both to see them/her(?) back with the last record, but even more surprised about how good it was.

Saw the live show at Latitutde and it was so so so good. The right amount of interesting theatrics and loud booming music and totally badass attitude.

Them? Their?

It’s just Meghan Remy.

OttoMaddox: I saw her years ago when she first started and her live shows were very much on the noise side. I love noise but I love the direction she’s gone in over the last few releases, embracing experimental/sinister pop.

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Meghan Remy was involved in the Darlene Shrugg project in 2017, it’s very rock but very good.

Haven’t yet been convinced by her new U.S Girls material.

Live, she plays with another guitarist/vocalist.

last record was excellent so really looking forward to this one, and hopefully they’ll be touring.

Yeah, I’ve seen her live. On the Half Free tour she was joined by Amanda Crist on tape machine/backing vocals. But she is a solo artist. U.S. Girls is the moniker for Meghan Remy and no one else.

Anyway, new album, really looking forward to it.

She’s announced some tour dates already, I think, but they’re all in the US. Meghan played at least twice here with Half Free so we’ll likely get to see her.

She is great live. Saw her at Oslo (Hackney) last year and she just killed it. Half Free really took me by surprise. Genuinely didn’t think she had it in her to record something that good.

Oh, I was at that as well. She played Corsica Studios sometime after (liked Oslo so much I went to the second gig), which probably means I’m defining multiple tours as playing in London more than once, and that’s… questionable. I hadn’t realised until recently that the cans in the upstairs bar at Oslo are more expensive than a pint downstairs.

Yeah, big fan. Saw her (them?) at Primavera and EOTR last year.

Nice one. Saw them/her/whatever in a smokey room above a pub on that last tour and it was a cracking gig but had somehow completely forgotten about her since then.

Saw her live first time in 2010. She sounded somewhat like this back then:

But with a lot of noise instrumental pieces inbetween.

First couple of years she always performed solo live. But her second album “Gem” she recorded with full band, and she performed as such live then as well.
After that she switched regularly at performing solo or doing collaborations with her husband Slim Twig or with others. I saw her in all kinds of incarnations.

Only consistency is that she’s always great live. Albums are always great too. Looking forward to this new album!

Wasn’t a big fan of that Darlene Shrugg album though.

Haven’t heard the single/singles? yet but loved Half Free.

Only older one I’ve listened to so far is Go Grey which was pretty different but also enjoyable

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Yeah, I would have really enjoyed that. Not that anything I make is like US Girls, but I really clicked with Go Grey and it was a real motivator for me to start making music myself. Listening back to it I like it a lot, but I’m not quite sure why it was that special to me. I don’t know, some stuff just happens that way.

Fair enough. It just always feel a bit odd referring to a band name by a singular pronoun, I guess.

So, has anyone heard it yet?

Gave it a spin the other day and, I hate to say this as I love Half Free, but I found it to be a really underwhelming follow-up. Really miss the emphasis on samples that characterised Half Free, and I don’t like the live band sound she’s adopted. Plus the songs just aren’t there in comparison.

Thoughts? Opinions?