Ufc 205 conor mcgregor vs eddie alvarez


anyone else watching?

excited, wish it wasn’t on in about 150 minutes and relying on streams…


I’m watching.

Joanna is a beast. Hard to see her losing for a year or two.[/spoiler] [spoiler] Hope Alvarez wins, 1st round knock out


yoel romero’s knockout was savage. joanna-karolina fight was great too. high hopes for the next two, very high standard so far


It’s crazy how quickly Thompson has got a title shot, should be interesting


definitely, they mentioned earlier that he had an undefeated kickboxing record pre-UFC so clearly a natural


Wtf. what a shambles


Never seen that happen before?! Not a good look for UFC at all. Tyron looked about as pissed off as you’d expect


yeah man, it’s a joke. I mean… tough, close fight to call… But read the correct fucking decision out… and this was AFTER Bruce delayed and started again

Anyway, main event time.


never looked in question really did it :confused:


fairly emphatic.

quote of the year "I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise…

to absolutely nobody."[/spoiler]


Why did the ref jump in after a quick one-two? Thought these were supposed to be tough men? I suggest you all watch a bit of Castillo v Corrales to see what proper fighting looks like.


I did think it was insane how quickly he jumped in considering how the previous fight was allowed to run and run.

Although from an objective point of view McGregor-Alvarez looked like a foregone conclusion from early on whereas Woodley-Thompson could have gone either way


nah, perfect stoppage that, was rolling away from and took his eyes off mcgregor. not to mention it was the fifth or sixth knockdown. no one could have complained if the woodley thompson fight was waved off but that ref is well known for loving brain damage, exhibit A - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJKM3fJ4pdU


jeez, conor did not look like the guy moving up in weight, bloke’s a really big lightweight, never mind 145 -.can’t see him ever going back down. will probably try to keep the belt as a pawn he can give up in negotiations. already saying he wants shares in the company instead of a purse.

it looks like a rare person who can take that left at 155 and alvarez has never been particularly durable. ferguson and khabib are both great fights though.

ferguson is an actual crazy person and takes a helluva shot. would probably favour him

khabib showed the holes mcgregor needs to exploit to beat him whilst also being the single most terrifying human i’ve ever seen. no one else fights like that, the second he grabs hold of his opponent you can skip a frame and he’s on top, with an arm pinned, belting the shit out of them was interviewed after the fight saying he kept telling johnson to quit before he got seriously hurt; slowly torqued the kimura whilst saying “be careful”. bad man. did get pieced up on the feet, if he tries to trade like that mcgregor will hurt him.

romero is going to do terrible things to bisping. awful, terrible things. weidman’s poor beautiful face…

love frankie edgar for always, he’s still ridiculously undersized even at featherweight, should be aiming at cruz now.