UFOs and that


I guess it’s not surprising that the US military / government keeps tabs on these things, and I’m sure there are good explanations for all these sightings…



Jet fuel can’t melt alien alloys


Ooft, shots fired with @anon30627475 's thread



Ah shit, didn’t realise this was man marries alien.




alright, Mark Frost


not going to read an article that starts like that so pls give me the jist here


The US government is apparently in possession of metal alloys unknown to modern science, recovered from scenes of “unidentified aerial phenomena”, which cause physiological reaction in people who interact with them… but no one seems that bothered by this information.


If there’s one thing that Trump’s presidency has proved, it’s that aliens have not been discovered. There is no way that he would have been able to keep it a secret.


Nah. People said they felt something, and were “examined” for evidence of effects.

Don’t make me link the Charlie picture in here too.


Mate, there are crystal skulls locked up in a massive warehouse with the Ark of the Covenant and we’re just sat here talking about microwave mash potatoes.


Pretty sure microwave mash potatoes have a strong physiological effect on me. Must be from outer space.


I reckon this shit would be “need to know”, it’s never going to be raised with the president unless there’s some outstanding reason to do so.


Everything is from outer space when you think about it.


This is actually the most interesting part about the organic gunk-covered space object to me! It makes the panspermia (no sniggering at the back) theory of the origin of biomolecules increasingly credible, which is good because a lot of the models of how you spontaneously make these things on prebiotic earth have various problems.



Nuclear conflict is rearing its head as well. I might invest in a bigger fridge.



That’s for atoms. They’re less interesting than molecules.