Ugly Casanova - Sharpen Your Teeth


This is really one of the best albums of the last decade, Isaac Brock is a genius. Does anyone know of any albums similar to it? I can’t really think of anything comparable and neither can any of the other Modest Mouse fans I know. It’s so all over the place stylistically but somehow 100% cohesive with that melancholy undertone.


A lovely album I’ve not heard in ages - thanks for the reminder.

One of the tragedies of Modest Mouse blowing up is they’ll never sound all lonely and lo-fi like this again, which was a big part of their charm for me.

Not similar in sound but perhaps in feel - Mountain Goats - All Hail West Texas?


Another: Whiskeytown - Pneumonia.

Lovely lonely songs that are more wistful than sad. Jacksonville Skyline really reminds me of Hotcha Girls in that sense.


Califone and Red Red Meat, obv. Brian Deck is as important to that record as Isaac Brock, equally deserving of lofty superlatives. and Tim Rutili’s in there, too.

search: ‘Bunny Gets Paid’, ‘There’s A Star Above The Manger Tonight’, ‘Jimmywine Majestic’ (Red Red Meat)

and ‘Roots & Crowns’, ‘Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People’, ‘Heron King Blues’, ‘Roomsound’ and ‘Quicksand/Cradlesnakes’ (Califone).





I second ‘Bunny Gets Paid’


Anyone remember UNPOC? They (he?) had a similar sort of sound. Maybe not as spare, but it certainly has the rattliness and the melancholy about it:


Ramdomly Hotcha Girls come u[p in my spotify discover list yesterday so I gave Sharpen Your Teeth a listen for first time in ages.

I didn’t know there was a extended reissue last year or a soundtrack with James Mercer they’d done.


Really mean to get / listen to this album (I heard there was a reissue on CD, but it’s not any easier to get a copy that’s not secondhand as far as I’ve just checked). Especially as I absolutely love that era of Modest Mouse. This track I absolutely love:


So much ^this for that second paragraph. I really liked MM’s last album, but I miss that ramshackle melancholy of their early stuff.


All slightly different but stuff from 764-Hero, Radar Bros, Ral Partha Vogelbacher Bedhead and the second Van Pelt Album come to mind


A huge thanks to everyone. It looks like I have a ton of great new music to sort through this weekend, I wasn’t expecting so many recommendations. And I had no idea about the reissue or soundtrack!