uh. fred durst is...different

Kind of the final song of MTV eating itself. Travis Barker :’D DAVE NAVARRO!

probably the only time that midi guitar has banged

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When I see teens in the street very confused about dressing late 90s-early 00s, I should cut them some slack. That video is a solid example of how confused we were about our own culture


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I’m so close to just slamming on a Fort Minor playlist.

I think about this post a lot

Probably one of my favourites on new DiS


Fuck my mind is fully imploding now; I just remembered Janus Stark


I’m trying to work out who the band playing in P Diddy’s garage are. Looks like you’ve got Dave Navarro on guitar, your man from blink 182 on drums and is that …D’Angelo?

Yes it is, it’s a mental video :smiley:


is that… Richard Dunn of Tim & Eric fame?

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must’ve come straight from shooting david nevarro’s episode of dunngeon

  • Zach DLR in Bizkit
  • Fred in Rage

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I still can’t get over the fact people blame them for the Woodstock incident and not the fact the only water avaliable in a desert cost 7 bucks a bottle


Fred Bizkit on the DLR

  • Audioslave playing RATM songs
  • Prophets of Rage

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Fred… worst

Ha ha ha


A couple of my friends went full Dursty around that time. Baggy jeans, baseball cap, real angry all the time.

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Do love that they haven’t bought a new laptop since 1999. Still has Kerrang stickers all over it

What do you get if you cross a singer / rapper in a ni metal band with a funeral home?


Fred hearse


Or…:: dead hearse if your audience is more goth


I can’t be bothered doing the set ups but here’s some more punch lines for you to use with your own jokes

Head first

Sled curse

Shed burst