🌳 UK centric trips 🌳


Hello I love going away to places in the UK, there’s so much to do and this is a really pretty part of the world. Thought it’d be a good idea to maybe talk about trips you’ve had to give others ideas or ask advice about upcoming trips? Also lots of photos
I went to hayling island this year near Portsmouth and it was so lovely, went with my family that are landlocked city people like me so going to the beach to see the sunrise and sunset and go to nature bits like the marshes was so cool. Just crouching over beach pebbles in the morning light and taking photos was so enjoyable, everyone got bored after 2 seconds and left me to it lol

Also planning a trip to harrogate and nearby for the national park and some of the rhs gardens and the castle and a nice spa hotel if anyone has any tips :ok_woman:t5:


Me too! Some favourites:
Cornwall - looe/polperro/fowey on the south coast, lovely walks and fishing villages. Tintagel on the north coast.
Dartmoor/exmoor - both lush for hiking.
Lake district - take your pick, amazing round there.
Skye - good whisky and walks.

I did Harrogate a couple of years back, going out to fountains abbey ruins was probably the coolest thing i did, quite far out though. Harlow Carr gardens were lovely too.

Havent done a walking holiday in ages :sob:


Malham Cove is worth checking out if you’re heading to the Dales. Lovely part of the country round that way, hope you have fun!

Our most recent trips have centred around hill walking- my wife and I are working through the Wainwrights in a somewhat disorderly manner, so visit the lake District most years. Had a fantastic week up there this year and already booked for next.

Other places we’ve been this year have also generally been hill-based (several weekends in Snowdonia, and a week in Scotland visiting family and stomping around the Cairngorms). All lovely scenic visits which have made my lungs feel like bursting at one point or another.


Always going to vote for Arran in a thread like this, my favourite place. Lots of lovely walks and views, although you’d probably need a car to make the most of it.

Also really enjoyed the Peak District. Cornwall is absolutely lovely if you can get good weather and avoid the peak times.


Also, Brimham Rocks is essential from Harrogate. It has the most amazing and bizarre rock formations.


she’s not going to go bouldering with you!


Never heard it being called that before.


I still really need to go to Glasgow, been planning for ages.


Off to the Lake District just before Christmas. A bunch of old uni friends and our partners/tagalong friends get together every so often and stay in climbing huts for the weekend. It’s really nice to go somewhere with no phone signal, no internet, spartan furnishings and loads of fresh air, makes me feel like less like the useless metropolitan baby I am.

Used to go to Cornwall every year when I was a kid and stay somewhere near Penzance, I’d really like to go back sometime.


Devil’s Bridge


Hayling is less than 5 miles from where I grew up. The beach is quite nice, but currents are dangerous if swimming in the sea. Chichester Harbour is really lovely to explore. Places like Bosham, itchenor are lovely.


I really should learn how to drive as most of the places I love or would love to visit really do depend on having a car, which sucks. North Yorkshire is my main inspiration to get a license as it’s amazing.


Had a couple of really nice holidays in the forest of dean in the last few years. Would go again
Cornwall this year was a bit of a let down because it rained nearly every day, we did get one lovely sunny day in fowey though. I’d like to go again but it was a bit expensive and a really long drive with no guarantee of better weather next time!


My favourite places include, but not limited to,

The Brecon beacons. Go to Green Man most years and it never ceases to surprise me how bloody pretty it is. Wanted to explore more of it.

The South Downs. Grew up at the foot of Kingley Vale, and have explored the vast majority of it by bike. Very much my home.

Scotland. Love it. Especially Arran, the coast from Oban to Fort William and the Highlands. Really want to get out to the islands at some point.

Cornwall and Devon. Everywhere I love has already been mentioned. Absolutely amazing countryside and coastline, especially if you surf.

The Morne mountains. Stunning


Want to spend more time in Northumberland never really been many places there


Few pics from a road trip up the west coast of Scotland last year:

Frying some eggs at loch tulla

Glen etive


Good view from the roadside somewhere approaching Skye


Pondering whether to take my massive van over this dangerous pass (I did)



You realise that’s the UK’s best road for climbing by bike in the bottom picture?


Most of Scotland is just incredible, and also pretty accessible by public. Oban is only a few hours from Glasgow (and on an incredible train ride) and you can take ferries out to some of the islands from there. Also went to Pitlochry, which was only about 90 minutes from Edinburgh and good for hill walking.

Went to Thurso in the summer, which is the most northerly town on the British mainland. Took the train all the way from Edinburgh, which a change in Inverness - took about eight hours total. Incredible journey. It was midsummer when we were there as well, so the sun basically didn’t go down. Also it was puffin season, so we went on a tour to see them <3


The journey from Thurso to Inverness on the train is wonderful.


driverless cars in a few years, it’ll be fine