UK Championship snooker 2016



Coverage proper starts on the BBC today with the second round. Already been an upset with Robertson being knocked out by Peter Lines.




haven’t seen any snooker in ages


why don’t they show the first round?
watched the end of ‘zonal’ mark king winning his first ranking final against barry hawkins the other day, seemed like a good match


Not sure, tbh. Does seem a bit of a shame.


fucking love snooker


Get in! Might make an effort to watch some of this


Hawkins OUT



Ding’s outfit. Arrgh my eyes


that’s a bad miss.


Allen did a 147


i guess you could say he got them all in.


This podcast loosely based on snooker is so funny


love Ronnie so much


About time too. Fair play to the lad.


said he wants Eddie Izzard to play him in this :smiley:


Worst thing about snooker at the moment is John Higgins is in great form. He’ll probably win this too the porky cunt given the way everyone else is getting dispatched.

Stuck a cheeky WFH day in on Friday so I could bang it on all day. Bet I’ll get stuck watching Murphy or Higgins or possibly both. Ugh.


big fan of marco fu failing to leave himself on the green there


Higgins is gonna win this ain’t he. Sake.


Also this Oliver Lines looks like future top 16 material for sure. Really assured young player. Be good to see one or two of these young Chinese lads make a name for themselves too. Xiao Xintong’s especially hyped.