UK friends, a question


Do you use Venmo over there? Or something similar? Does everyone know what Venmo is without further explanation? Asking for translation purposes.


I don’t know what it is I’m afraid


A mobile app that lets you send money to other people or businesses just via the app, uses your phone contacts list

Edit: At least that’s how our version of it works


Theres apple pay and android wallet or something… that’s it I think


I do know what it is, but I’ve not used it. It is popular among my San Francisco colleagues. It came up in conversation again over drinks in Amsterdam on Tuesday night coincidentally. Great story.


My Natwest banking app allows this, I remember seeing an ad for what looks like an equivalent though, hang on…


Doesn’t really happen in the UK. There are some - PingIt and PayM - but nothing like Swish or Venmo or anything like that


My American pals use it, apparently the best part is the passive aggressive messages you can send via what you name your payments.

Not even sure if it’s available here, never looked.


You are truly a conservative country


Had to click the link to know but as @stupidsexyflanders says, there are similar apps that seem popular here instead.


We use “money”.


But not one big brand that is the standard go-to, and if you just say the name of that brand everyone instantly knows what you mean?


Payfriendz, that’s the one I saw an ad for I think


I don’t live in the UK any more but yeah I agree. There are the apps there but they haven’t had the uptake, partly because of the banks not pushing it (because they don’t want to share their profits) and also because of consumer worries about security.


Money can easily be transferred through mobile apps. You are thinking of “cash” which while it has its uses, is terribly out of date for the most part


I’d recognise ‘pingit’ but I couldn’t recall it until I read in that post.


Sorry, I couldn’t hear you properly over the sound of how heavy my wallet is.


That’s the animated penguin.


How practical!!!


Ok thanks for your input everyone. Just gonna say Venmo and explain in brackets what it is so even British people can understand it.