UK politics April 2018




“But that turned out to be a false assumption. Because what Theresa May did next took even Donald Trump, and the rest of the American military elite by COMPLETE surprise.”

[Play: Burial]


i reckon this is a hangover from colonialism, back when we’d fuck a country up and then draw some random lines everywhere on the map as we left and call it a job done.


Can barely even be bothered to do the to the follow-up cartography these days, though. RIP, OS.


Alright, Sally/Meg.


“But this was a fantasy…”


hey, remember this?

Russia sure paid the consequences for tha… oh


david dimbleby said bollocks

everything else is just a footnote


depressingly FTFY


Just got leafleted by the tories on my way into the station and did a sort of involuntary recoil and dropped the leaflet right back into his hand like it was on fire


Should have taken all the leaflets and then put them all in the bin where they belong


Mate of mine recently sent me this picture:

He’d grabbed all the Tory leaflets from the counter of our local greengrocer and brought them home to bin. Top lad.


Did you tell them that they’d now forced you to wash your hand with bleach?


Good work.

A neighbour of mine once trashed a Sverige Demokratarna (Swedish popular far right party) campaign tent by pretending to drunkenly fall into it.
He took down the whole tent, broke two foldy tables, scattered all their badges across the square & their leaflets to the wind. Was truly heroic stuff


Superb effort! :grinning:


During the 2005 election, when I was 17, me and some mates went out late one Friday night while pissed up on lukewarm Grolsch and tore down a bunch of Tory signs from fences around our town. Kept the Vale Labour for another few years, though I remember we had a school mock election and I was repping for the Lib Dems :expressionless:, the mid-noughties were wild.


Indeed. He’s an old hand at this sort of stuff. 76 years old now. He has scrapbook with newspaper cuttings with his face in at various protests going all the way back to anti-Vietnam rallies in the 60s

Fight the power


The best part is it goes against Trumps pub drunk take on military intervention during the campaign where he was all, “why are we telling people when we’re gonna bomb them? Just bomb them!”

If there’s one thing I hate more than a blithering incompetent arsehole it’s an inconsistent blithering incompetent arsehole.


And this seems to be the point about Mr Corbyn’s attitude to military action. He thinks it should only be done as a last resort - and only then if the United Nations agrees to it.



Media too busy whinging about Corbyn and Diane Abbott to bother holding the government to account. Business as usual then.