UK politics April 2018


HE appears to be suggesting that it won’t have been the Syrian govt.'s attack as there isn’t any reason for them to do so now as they’re winning.


I’m at Any Questions, and Chris Patten is absolutely rinsing Peter Hitchens on Brexit/Good Friday Agreement. It’s absolutely great.

Only people applauding Hitchens are the absolute gammons.


here’s a clear case of targeting civilians we could actually do something about. we could just tell mbs to go fuck himself and paddle ourselves back to blighty.

there has been a deliberate and coordinated effort in the western media to keep the yemeni death toll at between 10000 - 15000 for the last couple of years. it’s simply not possible that death toll is so low when at least 200000 children alone are afflicted with cholera and we - us, the UK, the wankers kicking off over syria and salisbury - are helping to lay siege to the entire country and block medicine from reaching the civilians. how’s this not biological warfare? why is this okay but some chlorine isn’t?

i will back armed intervention against damascus once we have an armed intervention against riyadh and downing street. i will armed intervention anyone who disagrees with me, so help me god.


I did the sort of noise you might imagine someone making if there was a wasp on them.



absolutely nuclear take:


This is pretty old but did anyone see paxman on HIGNFY last week? He’s actually a complete idiot. Like, really quite stupid.


He’s so close to a revelation but just fallen short


he became a confirmed moron for me that time he asked Jeremy corbyn why he was a republican and if he’d kill the queen about 20 times in five minutes.


People in the first category: most politicians, pretty much the entire media
People in the second category: don’t actually exist

But sure, let’s play ‘both sides though’ here


ooh, that’s one for this account to pick up on


Are they a DiSer?


not that i’m aware, but i tagged them under his tweet


That is… I mean… does he actually think he’s said something smart there? Fucking hell.


john “massive” woodcock “on his head” is now off to visit the turkish regime i see. he had a bit of a cry about the houthi missile strike against riyadh earlier this week, too. totally normal politician taking tea with an actual fascist and established isis-booster. hurrah for humanitarianism and democratic values.



One of the few places that still has Liberal (as opposed to Liberal Democrat- although they have those, too) councillors.

There’s an intensely boring fact for you.


The bit I’ve spent most of the day trying to work out is how are bombs not obviously for killing people and destroying facilities. I’m honestly open to alternatives, but I can’t think of a single other purpose.


That is very funny.

Also funny: people in the replies thinking the reason it’s funny is that the proportions are misleading.



think this about-face is even more infuriating than the original tweet