UK politics April 2018


Makes you wonder why he doesn’t just tweet “Corbyn is evil '18” every half hour instead.

It takes a special talent to pretend to be as willfully stupid as he’s making himself look at the moment.


:clap: we :clap: have :clap: been :clap: involved :clap: in :clap: Syria :clap: since :clap: at :clap: least :clap: 2013 :clap:


THE law of averages means attacking Syria will be a resounding success unlike Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, Western leaders believe.

Politicians are convinced their policy of bombing things in hideously complicated conflicts with no clear objective is bound to work one of these days.

Theresa May said: “There’s clearly nothing wrong with the overall plan of destabilising countries full of armed factions who hate each other, so we can put previous failures down to bad luck.

“This time in Syria we’ll bomb the baddies and the whole unpleasant situation will resolve itself. After all these completely random humanitarian disasters we’re due some good luck.

“People say Iraq and Libya went wrong because we didn’t understand the Sunni-Shia divide and weren’t even sure who we were supporting, but that all sounds a bit fanciful to me.

“I think it was probably just down to bad weather or the wrong type of bombs.”

French president Emmanuel Macron said: “If you keep rolling a dice, eventually it will come up as a six. Foreign policy is really just snakes and ladders, but with missiles.

“If we don’t solve the Syrian crisis we’ll just keep trying with other places. I expect the two sides in Northern Ireland would appreciate our help.”


Come now, we all know it doesn’t count if it doesn’t involve cool looking fighter jets on the news.


Was unaware sean had set up a Daily Mash bot.


He needed a replacement for @rockbot


Cringed through Patrick Stewart on Marr. “Xavier and Picard would have voted Remain.” Christ.


marr: “haha, and I suppose data would have voted remain too?”

stewart: “data was a virulent anti-Semite and picard no longer speaks to him. is this an interview or an ambush.”

marr: “…”


Rowling Disease. Very sad to see in older people.


Imagining Farage as Magneto now…


I’ve lost the ability to tell what’s real and what’s satire.


Everything is both now. Everything.


Chill out, Win!





Not gonna read that but I think that if your bad faith re: Corbyn EVEN extends into his actions re: Grenfell then you’re probably beyond saving. I mean I know that journalist is Cameron’s former speechwriter etc. but come on.






I know it’s implicit in commissioned editorials that the writer is paid to repeat the news org’s editorial line but there really ought to be some kind of explicit statement/warning/indicator these days about whether what you’re reading is an actual real person’s opinion that they inwardly believe or whether it’s just made up for money and badgering a demogrphic and clickbait and whatnot

we live in a weird world loads can be written as ‘opinion’ and perceived as legitimate perspective in a discourse with the high possibility that no human has even honestly possessed that opinion


“deported in error”