UK politics April 2018


I don’t think I can follow the details of the Windrush Generation story. It’s just making me too angry.


Every time I think Dan Hodges has reached a new low…


the basic detail is that Theresa May is a psychopath and no one should ever be allowed to forget it


I’m averse to hyperbole, I really am, but this is genuinely the most plausible explanation.


it’s her legislation as Home Secretary that ushered in this episode & it’s her recalcitrance in the face of all efforts at reasonableness from both public & official commissioners of the Commonwealth that is sustaining the misery & fear for thousands

there is no other conclusion

also, Yarl’s fucking Wood


would take daddy macron far more seriously if he launched a ground invasion of the UK to liberate yarl’s wood to be honest. it’s basically a legal rape and torture black site.


it’s also a glimpse at how this administration is going to view EU citizens (and their families) in the UK post-Brexit and totally flies in the face of the ‘opening up to the rest of the world’ horseshit that is occasionally trotted out

and she doesn’t even have a Parliamentary majority

I despise her


thatcher was an enemy i could respect. i know what she stood for even if i’d have wanted to see her destroyed had i been alive in the 80s. theresa may is just a vaporous cloud of resentment contained in weird clothes. it says less about corbyn’s labour and more about the crackpot bitterness of people in this country that they look at her and go, “yeah, i’ll put her neck and neck with labour in the opinion polls, i hate the idea of other people living decent lives.”


I despaired when May became leader with the whole “safe pair of hands, sensible adult in the room” narrative. Her tenure at the Home Office was nothing but unmitigated cruelty, but pre-Brexit, immigration just didn’t garner the headlines it now does. I remember my wife sobbing when the minimum salary stuff was floated, and me trying to comfort her but knowing that we could be utterly fucked.

Fuck Theresa May, she’s the embodiment of the worst kind of superficially competent politican with evil politics.


remember when she refused to attend that inquiry about sexual abuse of female detainees at yarl’s wood because “she had another very important meeting to go to”.


Could anyone imagine a scenario where the current Prime Minister handed in her resignation or was forced out of office? What would have to happen for there to be a realistic chance of that?

I don’t have a huge interest in politics, but every time i read the papers it just looks like one fuckup after another - the social care proposals before the snap election, the response to Grenfell, Windrush, cosying up to the Saudis, the handling of Brexit, massive cuts, etc. It’s fucked up yet she doesn’t seem under much pressure at all…


she really is… outsourcing decisions & responsibilities to Serco & G4S ffs

She even barred the UN Human Rights commissioner tasked with investigating violence against women from visiting Yarl’s Wood in 2014

She’s every inch the Fascist that people think Trump is but she has the ‘vicar’s daughter’ appeal to little England where Trump has the ‘self-made businessman’ (lie) schtick that appeals to heartland US

god she disgusts me


May will only go once the press and backbench Tories aren’t nervous about the possibility of a Corbyn (or indeed any Labour) government. Then they’ll have her out and Rees-Mogg in within about a week.


this is why people blame Corbyn - point to ‘weak opposition’ and the right-leaning press have an excuse at every turn

can’t ever imagine her quitting unless she had a serious health condition - there’s not even a whiff of integrity about her that would lead her to even admit her mistakes let alone step aside for someone else to take the reigns

you missed out the Manchester Arena bomb in your list there too …the background to that, Libya, intelligence services and agents under her watch as HC…stinky as fuck


Windrush isn’t a fuck up. It’s intentional.


It’ll never happen while a Corbyn-led government is a possibility.

However much the press and her own backbenchers on both sides might oppose the path her government is taking, they will never go as far as to trigger an event that would lead to a Labour victory.



it’s even a cash cow for the outsourced immigration enforcement industry …like, “Oh we know you have rights but you don’t have proof, the necessary papers. So spend a fortune on processing & administration or GO HOME”
ergo, people who are most vulnerable are most under attack & that’s has been the MO of May in every area of policy that she’s touched


Aye. I don’t know how you can look at May’s tenure as Home Secretary, then May’s actions as Prime Minister re: migrants and conclude that what’s happening is bureaucratic failure instead of actual policy.


I wouldn’t say ‘never’. I think there’s enough loonies who have scented enough blood off of Brexit to think they could make Prime Minister Rees-Mogg/Gove happen if she fucks up enough times. There’s nobody Tories hold in greater contempt than those who have no authority, and they’re pretty damn contemptuous of her.


It’s the same with the ‘mistakes’ in the benefits’ sanctions system.

It’s a design feature, not a flaw.

One thing that has made me uneasy about the Windrush stuff is that much of the reaction to it from those in the centre is still pushing the line of ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’ immigrants, which is how we got to this situation in the first place.