UK politics April 2018


They know they don’t have the numbers in parliament to do it though.


And The Daily Mail


Part of the problem is when put alongside the other people who put themselves forward as potential leaders, she IS the sensible adult in that room. It’s a measure of quite how bad the Tory party is at the moment that it’s the case.

(As an aside, I liked the claim from No 10 this morning that she wasn’t aware the meeting with the Carribean representatives had been declined until this morning. That would probably make her the only person in Westminster not to know about it yesterday.)


yeah this,

it’s almost as if we are lacking the very language to enable us to see beyond borders, classifications, class structures, social boundaries, ethno-centric Nationalism etc.

wonder why?


One would hope that there’s a limit to the number of times a Prime Minister can plead incompetence over malice before it became a problem. But May seems to be able to do it every other day without any of it really sticking to her. Funny that.


What’s quite startling is how much less competent her government is proving to be when compared to Gordon Brown’s (which is a low bar to pass), yet the way they’re treated is radically different in the media. It’s almost as if our press as a whole have been biased for the last decade.


Corbyn should secretly meet with all the press Barons & promise that Leveson2 will be dropped and then come to power & immediately implement Leveson2



in case people haven’t read about the Hostile Environment policy that is May’s baby and lies behind the Windrush situation


Jesus fucking christ.


Difficult to tell these days when it’s a dead cat or just ministers being themselves.


These despicable cunts are going to be in charge for decades to come, aren’t they? :slightly_frowning_face:


thanks for sharing this.

(i didn’t want to click the <3 button)


yeah, I can understand why

this really is the most actively cruel UK administration I have ever encountered and May is the architect of a whole raft of cruelty that she floated in upon the tides of austerity


yeah, god, ‘hostile environment’ is so fascist/Jim Crow/Apartheid the whole thing just gets sicker and sicker.


gotta get those UKIP voters! (and deport all the Labour ones)


that’s certainly one aspect isn’t it.

Had a weird Schroedinger’s Cat conversation with my mother in law the other day where she still thought our health system was being clogged up by migrants. I could only point out my anecdotal use of my local hospital for three months at the end of 2016 / start of 2017 where everyone on the wards etc. were white british (loads of amazing non-brit staff though). My wife pointed out that anyone else would need to present a passport. It really is a case of migrants both being illegal, but also managing to use all our services.


health system collapse is due to intentional underfunding + hugely aging population + failure to implement proactive public health policies (underfunding parks & closing public swimming pools, lack of food regulation re labeling & dietary requirements leading to chronic illness, creating crippling poverty through austerity, reducing pensions etc.)

basically austerity is a boon for private industries because anyone who can afford private gyms, private healthcare etc will pay up and those most vulnerable who rely most heavily on state apparatus as their social support get fuck and hounded & fucked again. 160,000 kids losing free school meals, child benefit means tested & capped, disability benefits cut, bedroom tax, legal aid slashed, benefits sanctions… all presented as sensible and frugal policies individually but all part of a relentless and hostile assault on those most vulnerable

entirely predictable and predicted at the time, class politics 101;


Yeah! It’s weird when we mention that with certain family members. They agree it’s underfunded. But then their first target for the reason it’s underfunded: illegal immigrants/benefit scroungers… rather than the govt they routinely vote for.


Aye. If it wasn’t for 0.3% of the NHS budget being spent on health tourists, everything would be alright, innit. :slight_smile: