UK politics April 2018


sadly, that’s the easiest go to because that’s what the mainstream discourse wants them to believe

it’s a symptom of soundbite politics too - simple answer to a complex problem instead of any kind of nuanced thinking. It’s easier to sell people simple ideas than complex ones. It’s one of the reasons the left fails to win the political discourse, people generally make decisions based on emotions rather than reasoning




i’ve noticed a pretty shithouse thing the bbc and others have started doing, which i’m not quite sure how to describe. they kinda “space out” the horror stories about the tories, so today it’s the windrush stuff, while they just ignore the esther mcvey shit, and the syria stuff is already sliding down the front page of the site. then in a day or so they’ll get around to the mcvey rape comments, but it’ll be buried halfway down the tory/uk politics pages. they kind of drip-feed these stories to the public, because they have to provide a minimum of coverage due to the rules, but the way they disperse them has the effect of making these issues seem relatively minor and easy to solve.

whereas if corbyn or labour make even the mildest of gaffes or mistakes there’s an absolute deluge of articles and opinions about it within an hour or two, and it’s all they’ll really devote any attention to that day.


the best way to test this will be to post a screenshot of their front page today:

and wait until labour do something newsworthy and see what it looks like then. i could just be chasing phantoms tho.


absolutely agree. I remember thinking that when the BBC reported on the NHS ‘humanitarian crisis’


On the BBC mobile News page atm, but pretty far down


Would add that I agree with @anon30627475 on his original point - had a very similar thought when the Cambridge Analytica employee gave that extraordinary testimony a couple of weeks ago and it appeared at the bottom of the Beeb’s news cycle a couple of hours later


How does this rape clause work? Do rape victims need to provide a crime reference number to prove it? What if the police don’t ever get involved? What if they do but it never gets to court? What if you get the benefit while it’s at trial but he gets found not guilty, does the CPS automatically notify the DWP? How do you appeal in that scenario?

Not sure I would be able to live with myself if I was a DWP employee and that was my job tbh.


I think from the Tories’ point of view the less it works the better :face_vomiting:


Got an awful feeling you’re bang on here.

Imagine being okay with voting for them knowing about this, never mind everything else.


Not sure most people* even know it’s happened, do they? Or, if they do, they’ve been conditioned to think that benefit fraud is so much more frequent than “legitimate” benefit applications that they see it as a fairly reasonable course of action that won’t result in any genuine sufferering.

Or, in a certain percentage of cases, they’re just massive cunners

*this is certainly the case of a lot of people in my life - I have no idea how they vote but they’re completely uninterested in and detached from politics so will never hear this kind of story and therefore it has no impact on their vote


Oh Christ, and there’ll be people saying women are lying about rape to get the benefit…


Given the state of Rainy Fascist Island I’d imagine so


Speaking of fash, this whiffs of Great Leader shit:


In 2013, the mean estimate of benefit fraud ran at around 32%. I don’t recall if there’s been a more recent survey to see how that’s changed over the last five years, but even if it’s dropped by half then it’s still an overestimate by a factor of at least ten.


In the unlikely event that I ever became Speaker of the House, I’d suspend anyone who does this or asks questions of the form “does my right honourable friend agree that we are brilliant and the opposition aren’t?”




yeah agree with people saying Theresa May is both heartless and incompetent


Her incompetence was actually quite handy before as it at least put some limits on the evil her home office was able to do. Now it’s just exacerbating the problem.


i try and stay out of politics. it makes me too depressed or angry, or feel so powerless. it’s a cowards way i know.

but i have been reading a bit about recent on-goings. this governments just gone full fascist now haven’t they? having avoided it for a time maybe it’s been gradual, maybe it’s just exploded, but christ on a bike they’re not even trying to hide it.

i mean, it’s 2018