UK politics April 2018


Yeah probably fair. He is still relatively young and seems a decent MP.


what could he do to stop them?


As in, the speeches are drafted as a team, and the individual MP gets to make it.

Blair etc would have made the speech himself, or got a cabinet member or minister to do it.


really? Backbenchers like Lammy draft their speeches with Corbyn’s team? I genuinely had no idea that happened.


I know using hypocrisy as an argument against the tories is a bit like criticising joe steel for being a totalitarian tyrant - i mean, it’s their essence, it’s what gets them hard - but seriously, if some semi-failed state in eastern Europe tried this windrush shit it would be heralded as proof of fascism’s return wouldn’t it. but we actually implement a policy of forced repatriation and low-level ethnic cleansing and the evil bastards and the press shrug it off as an admin error. jesus fucking christ.


Was trying to find this thread the other day when we were talking about ’Rivers of blood’ glad it’s turned up again


The system works!


I’ll help. His view on the Good Friday Agreement is that it was a terrible idea that “let the terrorists win”.


oof. still, he’s good on our other wars mostly.

but yeah that gfa thing is the definition of a shit take.



The Tory Andrew Bridgen, in a reference to Corbyn, says some MPs would not favour military action even if the Isle of Wight were invaded.

May says Bridgen makes a good point.

That’s the calibre we’re dealing with.


Unctuous Bugeye, MP for Shittering Vale: Some MPs would not favour military action if the Cybermen invaded, and so did the Martians, and they were all vapourising hard-working families in my local high street, and were taking the NHS for a ride besides

Theresa May: I believe that’s a fair point


I’m genuinely impressed that they’re still trotting out the “why wouldn’t you stab baby hitler” stuff even after they got their own way

edit: parsefone’s take was better than mine :point_up:


The discourse :ok_hand:



May should bloody well resign over this …if only there were any decent Tories left


is it possible just to say something without someone labeling it a take any more?


this is neither here nor there as this is a uk politics thread but I am quite enjoying macron slowly losing his grip on the fabric of reality. today he announced he’s gonna strip assad of his legion d’honneur. oh, heavens no! recently he compared himself to the god jupiter. truly silly yet dangerously insane human being, love my daddy macron.


Still kind of depressing the French election had four pretty shit candidates neck and neck, and the seemingly one sane guy (Hamon) was down on 7% or something


hate when people do this.

Removes the idea that people have any compassion or are trying to engage with an issue or do anything unless it’s for attention and vanity.

“Oh what a hot take!”

What are you trying to imply with this? Never say anything or support anything unless you are sure nobody else also says it or supports it?

Fuck off