UK Politics - April 2022

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me thrice, politics ist scheiß; fool me four times, sing when Big Ben chimes.

So, please be upstanding for the latest awful instalment of our monthly UK politics review…

Has anyone checked in on Paul Mason recently?

Gonna cross post this here too

Tory MP David Warburton could have gone in the People Who Have Fucked It thread, but here will do

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Couldn’t give a rats about the drugs, though it’s hilarious he’s banged them out on an upturned baking tray, but he’s also been accused of sexual assault


Yeah, never meant to imply that was the whole story, didn’t want to link to the Sunday Times so just posted the pic.

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Edit: nvm, it was a spoof

And now it’s going to be treasonous to report about MPs doing evil shit

I do enjoy to be an elected MP and pose for a photo with my cocaine which is inexplicably on a fucked up baking tray


I see the cabinet are laying the ground for ‘moving on’ and ‘now is not the time’ when Johnson gets his fixed penalty notice this week

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so they’ll be going from 90% to 100% reality shows now?

Nice little test run for hiving off chunks of the BBC.

No Tory voters impacted, other than handing some good ammunition for those who want to celebrate that ‘the ultra-woke lefty Channel 4’ now has to ‘compete to succeed’.

Con +3.

Actually living in a time and place where Nadine Dorries has been placed in charge of culture.


Just one of many things currently happening that you’d have left out of a satirical dystopian future novel a decade ago for being too ridiculous

Not sure about that, I mean 10 years ago it was Jeremy Hunt

fuck, the late 90s early 00s is not 10 years ago is it :sob:


some people want to go back to the london olympics but I think the country peaked on 6th Dec 2010


We’re in the middle of an election here in NI. One thing that is irritating me is that everyone is talking about ‘families’ (eg ‘families are feeling the pinch with rising costs’). Am I wrong to feel annoyed about this?

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