UK Politics April '23: "I was only in the shirt to ask for directions out of the shirt"

Wise words.

I’ve had too much coffee.

Kind of amazing, looking back at March, how embarrassing the Labour Party can now be in the space of one month



By putting the lock in just after that @froglet has amused me greatly while burning Kirsty Wark brutally.


“captured by a vocal minority”, eh? Glad The Times has changed its view on TERFs. I’ll read no more of the article and assume the best.

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Suella Braverman’s actually Tommy Robinson

Jay-Z’s laugh


Officially scrapping

Don’t know why i let myself have hope tbh

I have begun to get into a habit on Sunday morning of watching the repeat of Saturday night’s MotD which then spills over into watch Sunday with Kuennsberg

…and I hate it & hate myself for it. I need to stop

Suella talking dangerous nonsense again

Tories announce new measures to prevent CSA = turning on the racism machine shouldn’t be a surprise, but they’re so shameless about it, really feels like balls to the wall maximum horrible culture war stuff until the election now doesn’t it.

Yup, it’s going to be horrendous e.g. I won’t reproduce today’s front page of the Mail here but whereas in the past they would have used the term ‘animal rights activists’ they’ve instead just gone with ‘vegans’.

It’s an extra layer of ick too that ’it can’t be racist because Sunak & Braverman are brown’

Very, very uncomfortable times

Literally had to counter this at work the other day. Just absolute brain rot :roll_eyes:

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Not to detract from Braverman’s other nonsense but this is funny

Later, speaking on the Laura Kuenssberg programme on BBC One, Braverman denied the situation at Dover would repeat itself and blamed “bad weather”.

Bad weather - unlikely to happen again for sure

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and notably something that never happened before Brexit.


Why do you hate Britain wiki?


Love Britain :georgia:
Love the Queen King :crown:
Hate :cloud_with_rain:
Simple as


Simples. End of.

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Genuinely depraved, frightening comments from Braverman re CSA.