UK Politics: August 2022 - “Hell yeah, I’m Truss anuss”

A new thread for a new month.

Hope you’re all excited about another month of Conservative leadership discourse!




Sunak’s clearly realized he’s going to lose I guess, income tax cuts in 7 years?

Alright UK parliamentary election voting system


He’s going to say “needless to say I had the last laugh” at somepoint isn’t he

The one small crumb of consolation in all of this is that Johnson is pissed off about it


I think we can all agree that no matter the hellscape that lies ahead of us, it’s nice to know that being booted out of No. 10 has really really bothered Boris.

Hope it irks you forever you flump of a man.


Can’t wait until he’s interviewed by Piers on TalkTV and just moans about how much he has been screwed by everyone for 45 minutes.

Ah beat me to it.

I think we have a thread title:
UK Politics: August 2022 - The Greatest Stitch-up Since The Bayeux Tapestry


Trying to recreate that 2012 Olympic opening ceremony feeling by resetting the country to 2008

“Scrapping the affordability test is not as reckless as it may sound,” said Mark Harris, chief executive of mortgage broker SPF Private Clients.

what a very useful and objective sentence this is


Perhaps sunak’s strategy is now to accept defeat and set himself up as the “I told you so” candidate for when Truss’s premiership (and the economy) ends in a massive bin fire in 2 years time.

Then he can sell reducing the deficit as the main priority, to be paid for by hammering the poor with austerity and reducing tax further for the richest. 10 more years.

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Seeing as Liz Truss is about to be prime minister I started reading about her, and I noticed that her first name is actually Mary and she’s known by her middle name.

If/when she becomes PM that will make three out of the last five prime ministers who have been known by their middle names rather than their first names. (the other two being James Gordon Brown and Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.)

Three in five seems quite a lot doesn’t it? Not sure I know anyone who’s known by their middle name. Mind you, I don’t know any prime ministers.


JoJo is my middle name!

sort of

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This makes you statistically more likely to be prime minister! Or maybe it doesn’t, I have no idea.

Something a bit off about it (James Paul McCartney being a rare exception)

I got rid of my middle name, so anti establishment

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Same for Jim Callaghan (Leonard), Harold Wilson (James), Harold Macmillan (Maurice) and Antony Eden (Robert) too.

I’ve always been known by my middle name because my parents didn’t want my initials spelling out a word. It’s handy for filtering people trying to get in touch with you who don’t know you, but mostly it’s a bit of a pain in the arse.