UK Politics - February 2019


January 2019 politics thread

On the one hand: good.

On the other hand: fucking sinister. Hope they appeal the shit out of this.


hi guys :wave:


John Humphrys is leaving the today programme at some point this year, have we covered this? Presumably he’s leaving once he’s got Brexit over the line.
He’s needed to go for a while tbh. Him and Nick Robinson together is too much to bear in a morning




wrong thread, ah well


Is Jolyon adding TERF onto the list of reasons to think he’s a bellend? Fair play I guess



Edit: not sure why the headline doesn’t make clear it’s Chope again


From a purely selfish point of view, I’m pleased it doesn’t. Puts the onus on the party to deal with him because they’re being tarred with his brush.


Clickbait reasons.


What a cluster fuck this Berger stuff is.


Telling a CLP not to do something because ‘it looks bad’ isn’t a very good reason to tell a CLP not to do something. Finding the fact that everyone, even people on the left, are linking the Berger thing to anti-semitism is kinda baffling to me. It’s obviously because she’s gearing up to join a centrist party and says to media that she doesn’t want Labour to form a government under Corbyn (as well as her history with her CLP).

Side note but there’s not an easier gig in the world than being a backbench MP. Literally just tweet a lot about one or two particular issues and people will eventually call you ‘a brilliant campaigner on x’ or whatever. Really pathetic, no wonder everyone hates them all.


a lot of these MPs on the right of labour have been openly goading their CLPs into doing stuff like this for a long time. john woodcock quit because he knew an investigation into him being a sexual predator was pretty open and shut, yet it was still spun by the sensibles as a good man being hounded out by stalinists, and most bought it. this move against berger never stood a chance in the court of public opinion. doesn’t help when CLP members are describing her as a zionist. even if it’s true, there will probably never be an appropriate time to use that word for at least another 10 years in light of all this.

chris leslie is also an unbelievable piece of shit, and him describing what mcdonnell said as somehow beyond the pale just shows how fucked everything is right now. advising an MP that she might not be facing a no confidence vote if she stopped threatening to help form a new party and showed she gave a shit about the members that got you your job is not the great terror 2.0.


actually thinking back it wasn’t even really opinion columnists running interference for woodcock, it was the straight news coverage which buried the fact he was an absolute danger and boosted his absurdly self-flattering resignation statement.


absolute cunts

the actions of the CLP are “personally threatening”. when they don’t get suspended expect this to be more proof of how antisemitic labour is.





MPs represent the people. Suspend the MP not the people.


Don’t get why are doing lightweight snapchat interviews where they let people say how much they care about poor people. Rubbish website anyway. Something dodgy and data gathering about the vids too



honest question: how do you grow to adulthood and not know what antisemitism is


Pint-sized Steve Yaxley’s BBC ‘expose’ sounds a bit bizarre. "All will be revealed… " in a fortnight.