UK Politics - February 2019

put your money where your mouth is and get the matches out m9

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sometimes I put the really bad papers underneath the guardian at the supermarket as a protest

*rolling sleeve up threateningly* oh yeah?


that’s a good idea I’d probably go out and do so right now if it wasn’t nearly 23:00 on a Saturday

it’s prime drinking time don’t be hating

Sitting, looking exhausted and crying, while pointing at an issue of The Guardian would be an even more DiS 2019 thing to do



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Lest we forget the seminal classic: “Ricky Otto”


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sorry mate

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So serious question from a newbie - have you ever dared open a general politics thread?

I had a drunk hookup at a green party conference and that put me off sex for years


it’s possible to do both at once

You have to pay to go to the aquarium (and the butterfly house - everything else is free) but I have a annual family pass #southlondonelite

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A small subset of people who may once have considered themselves left-wing, but have veered to the center and right as the result of advancing age and accumulated wealth, continue to cling to the belief they constitute a far larger demographic than reality illustrates, and have the media connections to agitate and publicize their vanity projects.

dawn foster got cancelled but i can’t remember why. this is still a good article and quoted section especially nails it.

she was? why? I’ve nothing but respect for her

i don’t know, maybe i’m misremembering. i really like dawn too.

It’s about 20 years old to be fair. But I enjoyed it when I did it 8 years ago

Monster munch

  • Crisps
  • Marxist corn snack
  • Pickled scrolls

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And I thought politics threads were bad before :grinning:

if you turn a Monster Munch upside down it looks like a hammer and sickle