UK Politics - February 2019


Just seen an advert on telly for this tied in to a special edition daily mail


Some weird comments in the thread there about how people thought anti-semitism could only be found in the far right. I can understand they might be taken aback if they’ve discovered what they think is a large about of AS in Labour and the modern left, obviously that would throw someone off.

But it seems obvious to me that AS, like sexism, racism etc, can manifest itself anywhere, in people who otherwise have “good” values and just have one major flaw or blindspot, or in people that are well meaning but don’t realise the impact that their actions or words can have. Just thinking that “the left”, as a whole, could ever avoid all of those issues seems incredibly naive. People are inherently flawed so any group of people will be the same, no matter how worthwhile their cause is.


Oh, the discourse…


Just a game. Mashing action figures into each other whilst trousering lobbying money. All it is to these people.


Saw an ad for The Mail on Sunday promising NEW SHOCKING REVELATIONS about Jeremy Corbyn from some new book. I presume these will be along the lines of ‘he likes the IRA’ and other stuff we’ve definitely not heard a million times before



Doh! Sorry

Big fucking surprise that it’s published by Murdoch-owned HarperCollins


big fan of how he both “doesn’t actually want to be prime minister, does he!” and is some kind of ruthless power hungry maniac at the same time.


Because he doesn’t want to be PM, he wants to be supreme commandante of the United Soviet Kingdom! (or some other such bullshit, who even knows what goes on in the minds of these fucking insane people)

Also I just found this and I thought it would add some levity


It boils down to: he was nice to immigrants, and didn’t spend money on himself:


It’s a Sunday, so obviously the Observer are pushing more stories and columns trying to undermine Corbyn than they are about what the government is actually doing…


And apparently ‘he found no pleasure in medieval towns’




This sounds like my dad. My mum had the patience of a saint.


Reads like one of Stewart Lee’s ironic Observer columns . Except much much funnier.


I’m confused. Are we meant to hate Europe or not?


Did he also 'never talk about ‘buying a bigger home, or a car, or increasing his income’?


a guardian editor


good and correct thread imo

people who don’t think their party should be governing the country probably shouldn’t be members of the party, nvm MPs


People who care about bullshit like this are the worst. Fuck off literature police.