UK Politics - February 2019


Remember when Corbyn said that his favourite book was Ulysses and loads of the commentariat said that he wasn’t allowed to have that book as his favourite because he obviously didn’t understand it?

These are the same people who also had a go at him for encouraging normals to read and write poetry.


not knowing what a cappuccino is means you are authentic working class to these people


Knowing what a cappuccino is, but calling it a ‘frothy coffee’ makes you an authentic working class MP, obviously.


Remember when we thought “posh coffee” was as insane as the discourse could get


Come on Burnham, it’s dog-whistle for Aussie immigration rules, don’t fuck about with the discourse you imbecile


It’s an old tweet. It’s just weird to think less than two years ago that’s where we were.


I can’t read, don’t listen to me. Shouldn’t just jump in two-footed on poor Andy, should I? But yeah, very strange to think that that’s the shift, bloody hell


Confused now. Does he read Simone de Beauvoir or not?


Harold Wilson the cat


chapo did a bit about corbyn this morning. helped to be reminded that uk journalists are almost all inhumanly evil and cynical. feel ready to begin the week 4 real now.


Good to see that the UK is still using it’s influence in the EU constructively then.


alright now she’s fully irredeemable


[Corbyn; smiling while looking up and breathing in deeply, admiring the architectural beauty standing before him illuminated in the warm afternoon sun] “You go in. I’ll say outside”
[Narrator; stern] He said, quite socialist-y


Quality control…


3rd poll in 10 days to have this trajectory

Exception being YouGov who have 38/38 (and who were more accurate than all but Survation wrt the 2017 GE)


why is this, geoff? i’m so depressed looking at these new polls :pensive:


No idea. The only thing I can think of is the fallout from Corbyn’s ‘refusal’ to meet with Theresa May after the meaningful vote being a dial-mover. Dunno if recent antisemitism stories have caused a shift either (polls haven’t seemed to swing to this extent off the back of them previously I don’t think).

I mean usual caveats about voting intention polls ad infinitum but 3 polls showing the same thing seems to = trend (at least in the short term). I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


May got some fairly positive media coverage for “standing up to the EU” didn’t she?


I reckon your average jo wants to see Brexit resolved one way or another, and are seeing Labour (rather than internal Tory schisms) as the block on it all finally being put to bed, and have (amazingly) some sympathy with May.


Yeah could just be incumbency bias at a fraught stage in the Brexit process.