UK Politics February 2023

Just LBC platforming a guy who sounds to me like an obvious Tory plant

(If he’s real then obviously she has my sympathies. Sounds horrific.)


massive debate

There’s definitely one massive debater in their household

edit: good grief Nick Ferrari is a dickhead isn’t he


Wanna grow. Up to be. Be a…


Lorry drivers of course famously stoic whenever the issue of fuel duty or prices is raised


Really great to see loads of ‘hope she leaves him, if she’s even real’ in the comments there. You love to see it.


Never heard anyone sound so insecure about their wife earning more than them


About five of my friends trained as teachers after uni and they’ve all left the profession permanently cause it made them so ill. Can’t imagine how awful it must be to know you want to do a job and work towards that all your life then have to give it up cause it’s taking years off your life.


I think part of the insecurity we’re hearing is that when you’re making stuff up and you’re a shit actor you are nervous as fuck about contradicting yourself :smiley:


Plant or not that guy yucking it up with Ferrari and his “well researched” conclusions about it being just a couple of extra hours at the end of the day/works out about the same really, look at all their hols hmm hmm is just so enraging - my mum worked as an English teacher for thirty years in some really ’difficult’ schools and looking back the sheer effort and time spent doing her best for the children was pretty incredible


When you love your wifes boss more than you love your wife


Well if this guy wer real he would of course love the guy who tells his wife to do things and she has to do them… :grimacing:

Feels like there’s got to be a pretty small group of people who are married to a teacher and could ever seriously stick to the ‘they get so much holiday’ line.


Think growing up seeing what was involved put me off even considering teaching of any sort as a career (but then I am very very lazy)

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can’t get my head around not wanting your partner to have a pay rise either


He’s down to earth, Ravens. An ‘HGV driver’, salt of the earth, doesn’t say much and it’s fine his wife earns more but equally he manages to go into a fairly detailed and specific ‘explainer’ about how if the government gives teachers more money that money can only come out of the increased budget they just okayed for school resources generally, because this is just how every modern business works apparently, so really these teachers are striking to take money away from the school kids, that’s just logical, isn’t it?

Just the every day ‘wisdom’ of an ‘HGV driver’.


The ‘well, you know what LGV drivers are like’ is a bit rough lads?

Plenty of lorry drivers you’d like and who support the strikes.

I worked as one for a bit, and my wife earns loads more than me. I support the strikes (my wife will be striking). Just a job, done by humans.

(Don’t mean to rant! Sorry!)


I think the point that people are making fun of is that the guy is obviously making up every part of his story, and has picked an HGV driver because he thinks it gives him licence to spout bollocks.


Yeah think the scare quotes would have been better around HGV driver rather than wisdom in the post above tbh, but it’s the ridiculousness of the interview that’s being made fun of, not the fact that the guy has pretended to an HGV driver specifically

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Fair enough!


Sorry AD one of my posts was a bit snarky was riled into an imaginary argument with the imaginary HGV man

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