UK Politics In February 2024? What could possibly go wrong!

Think Halfwaythere is Thangam Debbonaire

Maybe there is a silver lining incoming. Been a right old shit of a day for me so far, I could do with something to make me smile (for clarity I think Galloway is having a laugh here and any joy I’d get would be tempered by knowing he was happy)

Yeah, I just assumed everyone else was inside my head as I wrote this having just woken up.

Mcshitter is Wes Streeting, for… reasons.

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The elusive George Galloway continues to thumb his nose at the authorities. Swaggering about in a garish new hat, he seemed to say, “Look at me, Keith Starmer! I have a new hat!”


Now that I think about it, I’ve absolutely forgotten why that’s his name


Starmer won’t be forced out. He won’t be bothered by the result at all, I would have thought.


Initially missed the extreeeemely thinly-veiled homophobia in amongst the transphobia, too



Can’t quite believe anyone would read his leaflet and still choose to vote for him. He sounds like a joke

despite everything else, i would share the glee galloway has had this morning when facing interviews this morning,…

‘you’re divisive, you’re controversial, people don’t like you blah blah’

‘i just won a thumping victory so stick that in your cornflakes’

clearly stupid questions when he has just been voted in.

(this is not a galloway endorsement post btw)


Labour staffer on the radio pretty much saying exactly this

Because he posted loads of tweets talking about his love of McDonalds, and he also defended the company when they weren’t given a stall at the Labour party conference due to them being in an active labour dispute at the time.

Making George Galloway relevant in the year of our lord 2024. Nice one, Keith.





Hey everyone, Galloway is soooo February’s news

These posts are a rebuke to Keid Starmer’s Labour Party

Who are mcshitter and halfwaythere?

Sorry. Been answered

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