UK Politics: July 2023 - Water Way To Go


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Maybe we should just delete politics forever.


Provisional subtitle should probably be “water way to go”

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Actually, this is probably more apt.


Do we know if there’s a name yet for the mental gymnastic manoeuvre that will be being executed by 1000s of gammons across the country today, to get from the position that asylum seekers having a mobile phone is de facto evidence that they are in fact economic migrants, and that the state is giving them a cushy number at the cost of honest, hard working brits, to the new orthodoxy that in fact, asylum seekers having mobile phones is absolutely vital and the obvious reason why the Rwanda policy is absolutely fine.


“Shite swimming, deserves a quiet night”


Racism should cover it?


It is obvious but at the same time fascinated how they have learnt absolutely nothing after the last one

Daft, ideologically driven move by the Tories. I know this council well (and know a good few people who work there) and the four day week has proven a godsend in terms of resolving recruitment and retention issues.


Enjoyed the quote from Joloyon Maugham in response:

“If a legal challenge is brought, and succeeds, I’ll eat my wig.”


Tories: Slimming down the public sector to take advantage of businesslike and entrepreneurial-led efficiencies and cost-effective streamlining that achieves maximum value for money are at the core of our beliefs!

Also Tories: No, not like that!


They’ve got such a crush on the five day office-based working week, it’s embarrassing.


michael howard giving it the “it’s all well and good criticising water privatisation with hindsight”, like the first item under an internet search doesn’t give you detailed contemporary criticisms in parliament.

brass neck of it.

second time i’ve heard this type of thing in the last few days, struggling to remember what the other one was- maybe austerity in relation to covid preparedness. some tory saying “no-one criticised austerity at the time”. maybe no-one in a tufton street office.

amazing these people are on the airwaves constantly instead of the many consistent left-wingers who called all this correctly. just radio 4 letting them talk without context. maybe it’s good… never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake


No need to even trawl Hansard, let alone rely on Hindsight, when there was a referendum shortly after privatisation in England and Wales that showed how borked the idea was.

In 1994, the ruling Conservative Government of the United Kingdom brought forward plans to overhaul a number of aspects of local government in Scotland as part of the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994. Part II of the Act reorganised Scotland’s water supply and sewerage services, previously the responsibility of regional councils. Three water authorities were established: East of Scotland Water; West of Scotland Water; and North of Scotland Water. The main reason for this reorganisation was to prepare for the privatisation of water services, to bring Scotland into line with the rest of the UK. The water authorities in England and Wales had been privatised in 1989. However, public opinion was strongly against such a move, with successive polls showing 86% - 91% of people definitely opposed.

In March 1994 Strathclyde Regional Council held a postal referendum of Strathclyde residents on whether control of water and sewerage services should be privatised. Seven out of ten voters returned papers, a total of 1.2 million people, of whom 97% voted against privatisation.


But it’s definitely still people demanding higher wages that’s driving inflation, right?

Fuel retailers to be made to publish live prices after using UK motorists as ‘cash cows’ | Petrol prices | The Guardian

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New euphemism for racism just dropped lads

Can’t risk that “cultural security” can we now

Fuck me


What the fuck is that even meant to mean?

I mean, I know what they actually mean by it but…

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You know, that famously well-defined, unchanging English culture that has existed and persisted entirely unaffected by outside influence for hundreds - nay, thousands - of years.


The Culture Security Force