UK politics June 2018

New month, new thread?

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Yeah why not.

This thing:

Ok obviously the David Baddiel stuff is fucking disgraceful but… did anyone actually see any “Corbyn fans” getting angry with the sketch itself? I didn’t. Not sure if that bit really happened.

Every news outlet has someone sitting in front of a computer screen twitter-searching for key phrases. If they find half a dozen tweets out of the millions that are posted every day, that’s enough for a story, it appears.

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Then that magnifies the number of tweets about it then people start tweeting about it then it’s real.
It’s mental

Ha yeah I actually clicked on the Guido news article for my sins. Something like “CORBYNITES TRIGGERED BY BBC SKETCH” or some shit and there were like 3 tweets nested in there, none of which seemed that irked. Nice of George Galloway to chip in and help give the Guardian a fresh angle mind.

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I guess for Guido they’re satisfied with half a half a dozen tweets before hitting the ‘submit’ button…

Surprised they’re that thorough tbh

Presumably it irked that Dylan Strain chap enough to link Baddiel to it. I found the whole story utterly baffling.

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loving all the dorks still crying about the lush campaign tbh

not loving this tho

We’ve got to keep selling the Saudis weapons though or we will have no gdp post brexit


Without signposting it from the old thread? It’s this kind of sloppiness that is hampering the revolution. I bet Mussolini’s threads were linked up and closed on time. :wink:

Because it’s the Remainers who have run riot…

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Whenever i read Arlene Foster’s name i think of the judge off Strictly Come Dancing.


Ian Jr’s joining the Ra

I would have taken him at his word that he was just trying to make a satirical point about something else Baddiel had said but then @-ing him in that Tweet is really crazy. Fucking idiot.

It’s actually quite delicious watching right-wingers try to justify the police going in against free speech. I posted that PC’s ridiculous Tweet about her colleague having a quiet chat with the staff to an old school friend’s wall. He’s full US-Liberal, studied law and has always hated the hated the police but amazingly his response was that Lush was borderline libelling the police and what did they expect. Was pretty funny watching a bunch of his similarly-minded friends pile on and give him grief as a result :smiley:

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This isn’t useful to anything, but just want to say that every time I read “Stormont” I can’t help but picture it as some grimdark castle in a fantasy novel. They should just re-name it Storm’s End and be done with it.


reminder: we would be able to stop this impending genocide with a few phonecalls and some diplomatic pressure if we didn’t have an insanely monstrous old fuck for a PM and a basket of wanton cunts for a government:

also the oft-cited western figure of 10-15000 dead has apparently remained that level since 2016. parroted by the media, the government and orgs such as HRW and amnesty, it’s a cruel joke designed to propagandize on behalf of a Saudi regime we are in deep with in that war. the real figure is likely tens of thousands higher by this point.