UK politics June 2018

It’s one of my go-to reference points when somebody claims some fantasy place name isn’t realistic.

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Spotted this in the upcoming cinema releases

Literally just going to be centrist talking heads going on about being sensible, isn’t it

i have to admit i do enjoy watching rob brydon on the big screen

Should have called it vince cable guy


The Chronicles of (Lesley) Riddoch

Nick cleggends of the fall

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The remainers of the day


The english patience wheatcroft

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An Inconvenient Ruth Cadbury

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In: Decent Proposal

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Journey to the Centrists of the Earth


Bridge Over the River Foyle

Both Tories and Labour are both committed to ending free movement after Brexit so… dunno why these interventions are needed. Everything else is secondary to that so let’s just all shut up about it.

What the fuck is this shit?!!

Anyone know where to find the consultation she mentions?! I may have to respond.

EDIT: “Google it” should be the obvious response:

‘Scapegoating’ is a very odd term to use regarding soldiers who shot unarmed civilians in the back as they ran away


holy shit

O rly?

Just the suggestion of this is insanely fucking evil. Like, properly, utterly, fucked up evil. Give people a gun, they go and commit crimes, but we gave them the gun so they’re heroes and should be celebrated. Even by Tory standards, this is a terrifying level of nationalistic bullshit.

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