UK Politics - June 2022

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100% support for Brexit assumes variable levels of commitment to the other policies.

Reject corrupt politicians (40%)


As dreadful as their policies are, it would be kind of nice if the mainstream parties were able to list even half a dozen things they actually really believed in


Oh she’s shot herself in the foot with that one.

Not under oath! That’s like kryptonite to a liar :woozy_face:


Tom Walker, didn’t see this coming - shall we help it get to number one?


The Mail story on Internet Archive Boris Johnson accused of trying to appoint wife Carrie to £100k taxpayer funded role in 2018

Can anyone outside the UK see what happens if you do this search on google news?

I get this warning. Having said that it comes up on most searches tbh - could be more of a disclaimer than anything.

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This is what I get in Australia

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Who is the shopping trolley in this tweet?

It’s Boris Johnson, think Cummings once described him as a shopping trolley careening down an aisle bumping into shelves or something and he’s stuck with the metaphor


So he’s saying that Johnson had another girlfriend that he tried to swing a job for in Q3 2020 or does he mean a second attempt at gifting Symonds a job?

The latter

Such a nerd.

I do somewhat love his arc of being treated like he was Lex Luthor unstoppable genius supervillain for years and he fully got high on that gas, until one day he got kicked out and started yelling loudly inflammatory things the entire time in a desperate naked sad attempt at getting that big deal in the papers status back. And nobody could give less of a fuck. Out there screaming “notice me!” to some of the most dipshit print-anything reporters the world has ever seen and he can’t even get them to care.


It doesn’t help that his tweets read like the jibberings of an acutely paranoid acid burnout trying to figure out text messaging for the first time. 9th dimensional chess.


More like Year 9 chess

There are rumours of another woman. There is an alledged meeting with a woman at a restaurant in London after hours, which caused the row in the flat (that The Guardian have apparently tapes of which they refused to publish which is a whole other thing) which finally lead to the accusation that Boris was having an affair with Bip Ling and that everyone got quite excited about for an evening.

Probably sums Boris up. The story is never the story is something slightly adjacent and is actually even more strange and worse.

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There’s an account that translates his bizarre tweets

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