UK Politics - June 2022


Who is the shopping trolley in this tweet?

It’s Boris Johnson, think Cummings once described him as a shopping trolley careening down an aisle bumping into shelves or something and he’s stuck with the metaphor


So he’s saying that Johnson had another girlfriend that he tried to swing a job for in Q3 2020 or does he mean a second attempt at gifting Symonds a job?

The latter

Such a nerd.

I do somewhat love his arc of being treated like he was Lex Luthor unstoppable genius supervillain for years and he fully got high on that gas, until one day he got kicked out and started yelling loudly inflammatory things the entire time in a desperate naked sad attempt at getting that big deal in the papers status back. And nobody could give less of a fuck. Out there screaming “notice me!” to some of the most dipshit print-anything reporters the world has ever seen and he can’t even get them to care.


It doesn’t help that his tweets read like the jibberings of an acutely paranoid acid burnout trying to figure out text messaging for the first time. 9th dimensional chess.


More like Year 9 chess

There are rumours of another woman. There is an alledged meeting with a woman at a restaurant in London after hours, which caused the row in the flat (that The Guardian have apparently tapes of which they refused to publish which is a whole other thing) which finally lead to the accusation that Boris was having an affair with Bip Ling and that everyone got quite excited about for an evening.

Probably sums Boris up. The story is never the story is something slightly adjacent and is actually even more strange and worse.

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There’s an account that translates his bizarre tweets

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“Typing out 10 incomprehensible Tweets a day while subtly increasing the size of my cranium with latex and makeup until Boris asks if I’m okay.”


Yeah, couldn’t give a toss about the guy personally, just wondered if there was more philandering & I couldn’t figure out the timing with

that roughyed mentioned

Something quite funny about Dunt using this thread to tie himself in knots rather than just admit he’s a fucking mess who contributed to everything being fucked.

Dunno - appreciate what you are saying re him, but this is fairly inarguable

“If it’s just anti-free movement without any corresponding description of how to improve the situation, it really would be the worst kind of cowardice.”

As is what he says about Starmer being utterly terrified to discuss Brexit in any context

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Still don’t get why Starmertron doesn’t just go for EFTA\EEA under “make brexit work” or some nonsense like that.

Barely even need to talk about brexit.


the ERG have successfully convinced brexit voters that detaching as much as possible from the EU is the only version that could possibly be right, and the tabloids are very happy to bang on about there.

there’s absolutely no way Starmer (or anyone really) can successfully hammer a line about a more successful brexit if it involves closer alignment

not for another 10 years at least

the outcome of the vote in 2016 was bad but the colossal failures since then are the real damage

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“Make Brexit Work” is such an obvious slogan no-one’s going to use it until the next election when the Tories nab it.


If we’re talking about the messaging around Brexit to the public - this was a good read at the weekend

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How come he’s not calling Starmer a secret Brexiteer?

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That RMT twitter account never seems to stop. I’d burn out if I had to respond to all those weirdos

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