UK Politics March 42023

I predict there won’t be any politics this month.


Chance would be a fine thing.


Oakeshott stabbing Hancock in the back whilst also writing the big words for him in his booky wook.

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Sunak telling Northern Ireland that they’ve got the best of both worlds being part of the uk and part of the single market is lovely

Him calling them “you guys” is absolutely disgusting though :nauseated_face:


Mine is a more boring answer: it’ll all just drive up his book sales

I dunno I quite like when he tries to not come off as a robot. It’s like watching bambi try to walk

Matt Hancock always seems really out of his league - I don’t know whether it’s naivete or just not being very good or not quite as evil as those he’s swimming with but watching him navigate the Westminster political arena sometimes pushes my ‘root for the underdog’ buttons and I don’t like it. He’s such a sad case in so many ways it’s embarrassing.


Posted in the old thread by mistake, but I just find it very confusing? Everyone comes out of it looking terrible, not least her.

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D-Day 2: the Great Dambusters Escape

Send a few Mini Coopers around to do press and it’s a done deal

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See you all on the big UK Politics march!


Any sort of rejoin is going to involve a whole load of boomers:

a - admitting they were wrong; and
b - conceding that Britain is not an economic colossus, they don’t, in fact, ‘need us way more than we need them’ and we were much better off as part of the world’s biggest trading block.

We not rejoining until this lot are all dead, I don’t think


I was not being entirely serious, instead using farcical hypotheticals to make a point.

@moderators can you close this off and move the other posts over to March, cheers.

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So what’s the deal with this Matt Hancock WhatsApp message thing then. He gives all his archives to Oakeshott so she can write his shitty pandemic book for him - what has prompted her to dump the juicy bits to the Telegraph?

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She was very anti lockdown if memory serves and all.


Yeah I know. Cheers

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Yeah no doubt, the whole thing is just very odd. She’s written some piece saying the public deserve to know the truth, but she was happy to sign her name to a book she admits was merely “Hancock’s truth”. I mean so surprises she’s a grifter and a job is a job, just all seems so nakedly brazen.

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Fun fact: Hancock’s Truth was the name of the pig Cameron allegedly fucked. It wasn’t

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Months later, in July 2020, the Telegraph claims Hancock’s eagerness to meet his self-set Covid testing targets of 100,000 a day led to a message to his former boss, George Osborne, the then editor of the Evening Standard newspaper, to “call in a favour”.

Hancock allegedly said he had thousands of spare testing slots, which is “obvs good news about spread of virus” but “hard for my target” as he asked for front-page coverage. Osborne responded: “Yes – of course – all you need to do tomorrow is give some exclusive words to the Standard and I’ll tell the team to splash it.” Hancock later added: “I WANT TO HIT MY TARGET!”

genuinely giggled at the last part