UK Politics March 42023

BBC Director General


Just remembered that NATO Gen Sec is soon up for grabs


Hmm, reckon the implications of connections to Russia, whether or not they’re truthful, are enough to scotch that one.

Yeah, he’s not got much of a chance there. Doesn’t mean he won’t try though

I reckon he was on a mission for the role back when he was popping over for photo-ops with Zelensky and hoping Partygate would blow over

How much did Lord Pannick help in this?

Hope he’s helping some other sad acts who tried to cheat or break the rules.

Consultancy, speeches for $$$ and living off safely harvesting funds in tax havens.

Oh and lots of UK media interviews, where he’ll be endlessly quoted and soundbited (not sure if that’s a term)

Was a rumour that Stoltenberg was keen on Wallace replacing him, not sure if that’s still a goer.

I’m sure one of his children will knight him in a few years

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If we’re really lucky they’ll slip when they’re placing the sword.

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That’s just the side hustle. He won’t settle for just that.

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“Right aaaaahh! Well we’ve got aah a lot to get through. First up, SPOONS! Get. Spoons. BOILED!”

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“Greg, please cancel the nuclear response strike, it’s a false alarm”


Inside the Factory: Nuclear Weapons

“What’s that then?”
“That’s depleted uranium Gregg.”
“So that’s why we have to wear the gloves and use these tongs, right?”


Interestingly (“interestingly”) he’s just in the last week been reconfirmed as the Conservative candidate for Uxbridge & South Ruislip at the next election. So clearly to some degree he wants to stay in Parliament.

But I still think winning a recall election will be incredibly hard work in the current climate.

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Thought I read somewhere that his polling is absolutely atrocious there at the moment.

I can imagine. And it’s a London seat and Labour have come close in the past, demographic change in the outer boroughs is largely in their favour as well, so you’d better believe they’ll throw everything they can in 2024.

But a by-election will be crushing at the moment.

Wasn’t 100% sure if we were still talking about Gregg Wallace as I began to read this.


He’ll do whatever the fuck he wants. If it gets closer to the election and he doesn’t fancy his chances in Uxbridge, he’ll try to nab a safe seat somewhere. Or he’ll bugger off. Whatever suits him best at the time. He’s notorious for being terrible at making decisions, he leaves everything until the last possible moment.