UK Politics March 42023

Pretty sure the Conservative Party’s deadline for all this was the end of last year. So if he wants to jump and do it easily he’s missed his chance.

And while I’m sure it’s possible to fiddle that down the line (a) it would make them look ridiculous trying to save him, whatever happens re Partygate and (b) at some point there’s an actual cutoff and they can’t change.

But none of this will matter if he ends up in a recall election anyway.

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I didn’t mention it initially because I wanted to let people have their say, but the one thing I read that seemed like it might have some legs was US Ambassador. He is a yankee after all.

Oh yeah there’s a depressingly likely possibility

How would he get that gig though? The Foreign Office isn’t going to want to recommend him, the palace isn’t going to want to approve him… doesn’t seem feasible.

This has been mentioned many times in the past.

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Perhaps you have too high an opinion of the integrity of those at the top of the FO and the palace though maybe? He does have a lot of contacts there and obviously he has schmoozing coming out of his ears. And isn’t that basically the gig? Particularly if the Republicans get in next time.

This is a civil service position so I think that’s essentially a less than zero chance of happening. Some sort of trade envoy maybe.


Fun fact: Lloyd George and Ted Heath were both offered the job.

Battery ballistic base


Has Ben Wallace actually done anything to merit the post? Who knows

Also, is it not time for a non-male in the role?

The goal is another tilt at Tory leader (ideally PM) but given that’s not happening he’ll settle for something that allows him to focus on the side hustle imo.

Now he’s had a taste of the top job, I can’t see him settling for anything with less status that requires more than a fraction of his attention.

Wouldn’t surprise me if we see him shuffled into the House of Lords under the next government and rolled out by the Tories at conference to gee up the troops while being given the space to do all the media & dinner speeches he wants.




HoL sinecure w/ plenty of appearances on GB news will do him.

Can anyone give me a brief rundown on what this ‘Windsor Framework’ Brexit vote is all about & why there are a bunch of Tory MPs (Truss, Patel, Johnson) threatening to rebel/rebelling? Are they gonna get the whip removed?

I get a feeling that Johnson really wants to be the Main Character today

It’s Rishi Sunak’s solution to the NI Brexit issue. Labour have said they’re going to vote for it, so it should go through. Interesting thing will be the size of the Tory rebellion and what Sunak does about it.

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Yep, and there have been a couple of things lately where he’s compromised within the party rather than rely on Labour votes. Nothing of this gravity, but still, clearly doesn’t want to be seen as weak.

So Johnson is voting against Getting Brexit Done?

how very curious


I mean “get Brexit done” is about cutting off your nose to spite your face and this ‘Windsor framework’ thing sounds like it comes from a place of understanding Brexit is a shitshow so it’s not entirely surprising.

just a nonsense election slogan really

All these 3 word CTA phrases that are conjured up by very expensive Marketing professionals can get in the bin tbh


There’s more in it for Johnson if he votes against. Gets to piss off Sunak, sow division, make headlines - it’s a win win win.

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