UK politics May 2018


UK politics April 2018

surprised nobody seems all that fussed about the upcoming elections on here. anybody? polls? tidbits?


I honestly don’t think there is. She is OBSESSED with the “tens of thousands” migration target.


Local elections ain’t they. Obvs important but they don’t carry the same bants as a GE. I’ll go in tick 3 boxes for Labour and go out again. Was thinking of giving 1 of the votes to the Polish Pride Party (or whatever they’re called) but probably won’t.

Looks like Labour are going to smash it in London but perhaps less than they might’ve been expected to smash it.


I keep getting a Facebook advert from the Tories telling me to think about bins when I vote. In Barnet, it’s a hot topic as they’ve been fucking up the bin collections in the last couple of weeks. Silly ad to show really.

I also expect to be disenfranchised when I go to vote, having only registered 7 or 8 times at my current address in the last 23 months; the first 4 attempts certainly didn’t work, I’m not sure if the last 3 or 4 have.


the polling in general terms, as distinct from the locals, seems weird atm. idg how the tories are still neck and neck. i know the style is to blame it on the corb but idk, maybe there just really are that many belligerent right wing arseholes in the uk?


Not sure it’s a case of there being that many belligerant right wing arseholes but probably more a fact of Corbyn being a pretty polarising figure and some people still intending to vote blue simply to keep him out.

I might be wrong, of course.


you’d have to be kind of a dick to vote tory just to keep him out if you otherwise don’t identify as a tory tho, surely.


My eyes are on Barnet. There’s lots of dynamics here that make it particularly fascinating, especially for a local election.

Mainly its the importance of antisemitism to the electorate and how this will affect Labour’s performance there.

Now NOC, it was Tory until a few months ago. There were many recent reports about the failure of its ‘easyCouncil’ modus operendi. A Tory councillor, not standing this time round, encouraged people to vote Labour as he believes there’s no value for money in these contracts. He’s a long-standing opponent of the idea so we will see how prescient his warning is only over time


I know it’s fashionable as a left winger to blame the media, but I think it’s largely a combination of the fact that people don’t actually pay much attention to politics beyond election periods unless something massive (MP expenses size) and the general political media coverage at the moment suggesting that both major parties are shit.


It’s not always non-Tories voting against Corbyn but Tories who might not have bothered coming out to vote against Corbyn (or against any number of things). The Tories have this habit of reanimating voters when there’s a threat to the status quo.



More “swing voters” who default to voting Conservative if they’re not fully sold on the Labour offer.


12 posts in and already a simpsons meme ffs


and @colinzealuk

both your takes feel right, tbh (i am doing some centrism here, but good centrism :wink:). i sometimes forget not everyone geeks out over this stuff the way we do.




It’s very telling that since the last general election, Labour have been out on the high street pretty much every weekend; they’re really taking the Chipping Barnet constituency seriously. I suspect a few wards will swing further towards the Tories, but the rest of the constituency will swing a fair way towards Labour. Bins, potholes, social care… the whole lot is falling apart and other than in the areas where the taint of Livingstone et all will hold a greater fear I can’t see people standing for another 4 years of it.

Oh and one more thing… @Geoff’s favourite topic of demographic drift appears to be biting here earlier than everyone expected.


Well, that’s obvious to folk like us, yeah, of course.

But I don’t think we can claim to speak for the populace as a whole on the board.



Haha you always say that. Although it’s interesting because it seems to me that under 25s don’t seem (attitudinally I guess based on a few polls I’ve seen) to be hugely left wing by nature. Whilst age is a key determinant of Labour voting, seems that we could have a load of young Thatcherites coming down the pipe.