UK politics May 2018

Someone gonna get their CLP twitter account access revoked

Is this the first Parliamentary session in history where both main parties have spent more time dedicated to fighting themselves rather than the opposition?

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Dunno. Vauxhall CLP voted for mandatory reselection last night…

And boy haven’t the Labour moderates been kicking off about it!

Wait, what?

Any Oz based forummers planning on attending thing? @1101010? Sounds like an…entertaining evening :neutral_face:

FO, M :grin:


june innit


you git


if anyone is still unsure why labour are struggling to oust an openly authoritarian government then the bootlicking reaction to this campaign from the press and public explains it quite nicely

Delicately put here (which I missed)

Belongs in the Rolling Fash thread tbh.

not even one like, been saving this for ages. cunts


I like how javid’s brief is clearly to dehumanize the windrush generation however he can. because there are enough uninformed journalists and members of the public who want this story to go away, there’s a palpable sense of relief now he’s saying some were convicted criminals, even tho the 32 figure is clearly a lie and it doesn’t matter anyway. really classy government we’ve got here. they’re now astroturfing this line everywhere, too:

Reading that thread is very strange - I’m really not used to agreeing with Andrew Lilico.

Haha yeah same, I felt strange too

I wonder if after all this he still believes there’s no such thing as racism within the Conservative party?

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Request to @moderators for closing this now ^that thread is up and running.

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