UK politics May 2018

this is what’s quite hard to communicate imo. no, we don’t have a ministry of truth as in a big grey building that goes through everything and blacks out negative news. we do have something just as, perhaps more, effective tbqh.

Chomsky v Marr was quite revealing in this regard. When Chomsky said you don’t need to self-censor because the system only promotes journos to positions of prominence if they accept an establishment consensus. It’s a self-selecting system. Marr knew what Wategrate was, which Chomsky rightly said was actually “small beer”, but he had no idea what COINTELPRO which was a far worse scandal at the same time in America but was barely covered, which said it all really. And Marr was still arguing the point that he didn’t censor himself, and Chomsky quite elegantly said, you don’t have to, because if you didn’t believe what you believe you wouldn’t be sitting there right now. they wouldn’t let you.


Not sure about the purges and firing squads but I’m absolutely with you on this

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obviously I’m not really advocating purges and whatnot. BUT i’m sincere in believing that the tory ideology is a corrosive one, it is damaging to society, and it should be eradicated from public life via democracy and education to produce a reality where we find it astonishing people like Theresa may and David Cameron were anywhere near power, much the same way we can’t believe so many genuinely bought into Mosley, the NF, and/or the BNP. tbh, in many ways the tories are actually worse cos they have actually achieved power.

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capitalism sucks innit

only techno-socialism can save us now


in my head I’m picturing the aphex twin logo crossing a hammer and sickle




not quite as diverse & intersectional as I had in mind but it’s something I suppose :wink:

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Hey man, I think you’ll find there are several different flavours of ‘white man with beard’ in our mix. There are even rumours some of us have no beard at all.


what’s all this about then? Am I missing a detail here? What are they doing and how the hell do they expect to spin this one?

They’ve decided that a cover up will do less reputational damage than allowing Yvette Cooper to lead an enquiry.

But if they lose the motion? That would be a direct end for May would it not?

She’s announced her own inquiry (government sets the terms) during PMQs which will mitigate slightly.

I think she’s calculated that if the detail of everything she knew gets out, that would be worse for her/the Tories than if she’s seen to cover it up.

Best for the Tories would be if she quit surely?

i take it back. gulags. purges. make their children watch, too. gimme the blind and vengeful justice of the mob please.

Also, given how desperate she was to land a deal with the DUP doesn’t this leave her wide open for for a deal/takedown from her own back bench? Mogg cult must be shaking the private deal tree for all it’s worth right now ?

FTFY. Although I might be mixing up “Tories” and “humanity” here.


This is the thing isn’t it. I know they’re using her as a shield as much as anything, and it’s all a case of political manoeuvring, but at face value they’re still saying that Theresa May is the best person to be prime minister. That’s a position that’s been looking ever-more ridiculous for a long time now. How long can it last?


Is there not a large aspect here of sympathy for Rudd in her being the fall guy/human sheild for May?

In which case couldn’t this loud noise be interpreted as threatening dissent towards the PM?

It’ll last up until about 3 hours after someone at the Guardian publishes her response to Rudd’s ’10% increase in targets’ letter in which she praises Rudd for following her own policies and asks her to push it up to 15%

She’s already wide open and has been for a while.

Today’s front pages suggest that Mogg’s crowd are on the move again to force her into getting what they want on the customs deal- which is probably more important to them right now than having one of their own in power right now. Force May into getting the Brexit you want, let her take the flack (as @SenorDingDong says) and make your move once we’ve actually left. That way, you don’t risk government collapsing, Labour getting in and making less of a mess of things.

The most important thing the Mogg crowd need to pay attention to is that they don’t push the leftish-Tories or DUP too hard and accidentally collapse the government.