UK Politics - November 2023

If I was an institution that had awarded this woman a law qualification I would be so embarrassed


This isn’t going to be a big thing because it’s so utterly unsurprising.

An interesting question is what conservatives are trying to conserve. We know part of the answer is always ‘the status quo, because giving power to anyone else is bad’.

But then the rest of the answer can lead to a huge variety of things.

I would assume that traditional conservatism means conserving small businesses and more generally conserving organisations and institutions. But the modern tory party just wants to slash and burn everything in pursuit of a quick buck.

surprisingly, she has now confirmed that she’s still as self-centered as ever


Alex Nunns wasn’t entirely wrong then

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Dunno where to put this but really sick of councils having to be ran like businesses and having to sell property and make investments and stuff to balance the books.

I know it’s probably been ongoing for years but


Yeah it’s really something how we’ve totally bankrupted local government in this country. Can’t do anything, can’t pay for anything, anything good is at the behest of Westminster / Holyrood.

In a perfect world I think them making investments can actually be quite good - they have a different appetite to risk and reward and have effectively infinite timescales and they have a clear “mandate” (for want of a better word) to keep a place going, and then the public gets the benefits of increased investment in pure public goods. But the idea of them buying shopping centres hundreds of miles away to balance budgets because they can’t tax locally and central government has cut all their funding, bleak, very bleak.


have starmer’s labour made any comments regarding improving things done at local government level?

definitely the kind of thing that they’ll assume they can ignore, but then if they win a general election and things at local level continue to be shit, it will hurt them at the following general election imo

Not that I know of, but serious local government reform requires giving actual, tangible power around tax raising away from Westminster, and that’s never going to happen with either main party, they’d lose too much control.

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This is wild stuff

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Yeah it’s completely fucked, and has been for a long time. Good article on this from 2016 (and better believe it’s only got worse since then), though it might be paywalled:

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my understanding is that just increasing the money given through central govt grants would help enormously

and when I say my understanding, I mean it’s what I remember from reading the LRoB article posted above having previously seen it linked on DiS!

I mean, yes, sure, but why should local government be dependent on central government grants? It just ensures the yo-yo cycle of good years when Labour are in power and shit ones when the Tories are. No other comparable country funds local government in this way, for a pretty good reason.


There’s a good example in all this btw with Labour’s “green investment fund” or whatever they’re calling it, that they had to downplay the ambition of only reaching their target of £x bn per year later in their first Parliament.

In any sane and functional country this probably wouldn’t be an issue because there’d be a raft of projects initiated , scoped and part-funded by local government. But here, nah.


(It won’t be, because that isn’t how potholes work)

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Knowing how things are going, he might be right. There will be no more photos because they’ll start just saying:

“Let me clear, there are no more potholes in this country. There are some road surface undulating variations but our funded pothole taskforce has eliminated potholes forever.”

Good old rebrand and some monotonous saying black is white. Job’s a goodun.


As policies go, it’s no cones hotline

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I see that someone suggested that there will be no more photographs of MPs pointing at potholes because they’ll introduce emergency legislation to ban photography.


We said that it could be, not that it would be. Another victim of the woke war on grammar in our schools, smdh