UK Politics - November 2023

’I am qualified to undertake trauma response because I am myself suffering from trauma right now’ sounds like a uniquely ’UK politics 2023’ kind of logic as it goes


“So-called medical experts attempt to prevent jobless have-a-go heroes from performing POTENTIALLY life saving procedures in ground-breaking casual-casualty department”.


can anyone point me in the direction of any writing around the idea of keeping the whole nation employed is unsustainable moving forward? i guess this is a lot to do with UBI etc?

some labour spad has literally pitched this, i bet

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Unemployment bottomed out at 3.5% in July last year which is the lowest it’s been since the end of 1973. Of course there will always be loads of economically inactive people because the country needs unpaid carers, kind of benefits from investing in students and can’t do anything about people like me who fully intend to quit paid employment at the earliest opportunity when it’s financially viable.

(Edit: economic inactivity is also near an all time low as a proportion of the working age population)

The argument that technology will render work obsolete is as old as time and isn’t any more true now than it ever has been, whatever musk says.


What always infuriates about this stuff is yes, it would be great if we encouraged people who were up to it to apply themselves to a project or something that would help build their skills and confidence and foster a sense of community and so on. Show how satisfying working on something worthwhile can be.

But that’s never what these sick freaks mean is it, they want to blackmail poor and disabled people into becoming indentured servants for Betfred or Poundland for their benefits. To make it clear there is no hope or help coming from the state, that that isn’t what it is there for. Cruelty for cruelty’s sake.


Lots of very funny sentences in here


Compulsory I would say


Is it just Iain Duncan Smith and is it just the words “Tory Scum”? I would like to use more colourful language preferably

Neither of the protesters had been aware of or encouraged the act of putting a traffic cone on Duncan Smith’s head.

I think this is my favourite bit


From my brief interactions with IDS…


That’ll do

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must say I’m surprised that they’re bringing it in line for those aged 21/22 cos it’s a good and fair idea

half thought they’d only raise it for those over 35

Fucking actually shocking to think about that wage.

What the hell can £11.44 buy you these days? An hour’s graft for two pints.




you can survive but you won’t really be doing much more

I remember when I’d just graduated and was living in London on about £10k a year, someone on DiS they couldn’t live in London for less than £30k, think about that quite often

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looking forward to the MPs getting giddy about saving the average joe 2p per pint! like they’ve ever bought a beer in their life :unamused:

Jeremy Hunt is making his statement now.

He starts by saying he comes with good news – it is his wife’s birthday, and she is looking younger every year.

Why are they all so fucking weird


I know they’re doing it out of desperation, and they’ll sneak through loads of stuff to make their rich mates richer, and people are still poorer in real terms, but 2% off National Insurance and a 10% increase on Minimum Wage is fairly progressive on the face of it for this country nowadays isn’t it?

does 2% off NI apply to employers to? if it does their funders will like that