UK Politics - November 2023

I think it’s reflective of where politics is now - they can’t win a majority anymore by just offering the middle classes stuff.

TBF he’s got some making up to do!


Not seeing anything about it applying to employers NI.

Cutting the main rate of NI is fairly progressive as these things go, because proportionally it benefits those on middle or lower incomes more than those on higher pay.

The caveat there is that NI is a regressive tax anyway that disproportionately hits the lower/middle incomes, so making that slightly more progressive isn’t difficult (and isn’t as effective as sorting out a million other issues in the tax system).


The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton (MMT proponent and Bernie advisor) has arguments for sort of the opposite idea: maintaining an effective 100% employment rate by providing a government job guarantee. The government creates jobs that support policy aims (e.g. carers, pothole eliminators), and guarantees availability of such jobs to anyone who wants them.

The wages and conditions would be set such that private sector employers would have to at least compete with the government’s offer, if not improve on them to tempt people to work for them, so it’s a kind of de facto minimum wage replacement and provides a policy tool through which continual improvement of private sector workplace conditions is encouraged.


To an extent this is what Gordon Brown tried with the public sector - plentiful jobs and good conditions, as a way to raise the floor in the private sector. I was an admin and customer service worker for Camden in the early/mid 00s and I got paid more than most of my graduate pals in the private sector.

(I suspect that would not be the case now.)

You can see the same ideas being deployed now by the current lot for wfh/office working time, bleakly.


imagine if Labour suffer a crushing defeat at the next election - worse than in 2019. I don’t think anything would make me happier than a dismayed starmer and his middle management mates.


Well now rishi’s bagged the charisma, animal magnetism, track record and charm of Cameron they’d be right to be running scared


You know who’s fault it would be? That’s right, the wokes!

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Jeremy. Corbyn.


The home secretary calling Stockton a shithole seems like a particularly unnecessary thing to have happened, but they just can’t help themselves, can they?


Excellent acting by whomever that was behind him gasping.


TBF it’s not exactly Paris.

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Person behind him isn’t it?

Lots of this going around this evening.

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Yes, but which person?

A short career in obscure Radiohead covers could not distract him from a return to politics.

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especially once he started Electioneering

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the 2% cut gets media headlines because it’s a CUT, but the the lowest income tax level is frozen for so long, which doesn’t get headlines- the media find that boring. the freeze is regressive, because it’s not rising with massive inflation and brings in more to the treasury than the 2% cut. it negatively impacts the lowest paid, as their wages rise they are going into the lowest bracket and paying in or paying a higher percentage in, even though the wage might not be even keeping up with inflation- a pincer attack on the poorest from government and employers.

the 2% is a sleight of hand trick- on the surface it got those good headlines for them, whilst the freeze surrounded with almost silence more than offsets it


Thought the most recent episode of this was interesting

Didn’t learn anything new but it is interesting to hear people openly explain what happens when e.g. Rachel Reeves goes for lunch with city bosses etc. It’s interesting to hear them attempt to construct a narrative of the Labour party’s relationship with capital.

this is excellent posting, cheers

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