UK Politics - October 2023: a conference season in hell

A new month, a new thread, the same old same old

My pal works in a building next to the Tory conference venue and is high enough up that they can see the snipers nearby.

It’s taking an almighty effort to not send them constant “I’ve Venmo’d you £20 to give to…” jokes (JOKES, YOUR HONOUR. JOKES).


I definitely say this everytime they are here and I know the answer. But why, you come up for 4 days and just get shit thrown at you and beaten up outside The Paramount.

Kind of amused by recent opinion polls ranging from Labour hovering close to hung Parliament territory (24 seat majority) to Labour 200+ seat majority.

Not going to go into the full rant about the new Towns fund bribe pot, but a colleague has had a quick look and, unsurprisingly, its a full on.match to the at risk and target seats list.

Armed police emerging from a manhole on Oxford st. is still in the top 5 more unusual things I’ve seen in the city centre.

An atd is going to the Labour conference this year. They’re sad about it because there’s less free booze than at the Tory ones. (guntrip I’ll give you three guesses as to who I’m talking about)

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I like how the Tories say things are going to be sweet once the hard bit of Brexit/Covid/CoL/Ukraine is done and the hard bit never seems to be done but mugs still vote for them anyway because they go on about woke binmen a lot or something. Conference ought provide us some fascinating insights into the wretched insanity of the Tory mind.

New edition of New Socialist is out, if anyone wants to read some good stuff

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have the papers had a proper go at Starmer yet?

I assume at some point between now and the next election, they will drag something out to try and hurt him

reckon there’s a good chance of that knocking at least 3 points of their lead if not more

Reckon nobody can be arsed.

Everything he’s done has been with the intent of keeping the commentariat, and in particular, the Times and the Sun onside, so it would be very funny if they turned around and started noticing how habitually dishonest he is.

If they want to, the press could tank Labour’s polling down to 25% within six weeks, the same as they did for Johnson. When you don’t really have a popular base of support, it doesn’t take much to bring it all down.

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Reckon they’ll go for the old flip-flopper angle. He’s U-turned on basically everything he ever claimed to stand for, and there’s tons of evidence of him doing so. The Facebook ads could just be him saying one thing a few years ago, compared to the opposite now. From calling himself a socialist as an unlikeable youth, to supporting Corbyn then turning on him, to his 10 leadership pledges, to everything he’s done since as an unlikeable leader

Not that what he’s flip-flopped on really matters, just that he folds so easily. It worked on John Kerry in 2004 - all anyone remembers from that is ‘flip-flopper’, not any of the issues lol

Then there’s Saville of course - the Tories might take the high road and leave that alone, but the online gutter press certainly won’t

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Wouldn’t be surprised if some of the CPS stuff gets trotted out again although ironically most of the time it’d probably reveal Starmer seeking a tougher line on sentencing if anything.

Give it Liz till end of etc


Banger tweet from David Frost here, what’s the need for high speed rail when you can already get flights everywhere

There is no point to arguing anything anymore. That picture of Trump just sat there with all the world leaders around him is basically everything in politics now.

Cant Speak Nathan Fillion GIF


Tv Show Lol GIF

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Oh they’ll pick it up once it’s out there - I mean like the way the official Vote Leave campaign left the thinly-veiled racism to Farage etc. They want it in play, but don’t want to be seen bringing it in

Or they’ll just shout ‘paedo’ for a year. Actually that one

If they do Labour should just break out that Jimmy Savile campaigning for the Tories pic every time they bring it up.

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