UK Politics - October 2023: a conference season in hell


This probably belongs elsewhere, but just found out the government’s new “Introduction to Prevent Awareness” course lists “left wing ideologies” in it’s section on “terrorist ideologies”. It goes on to define left wing as

Two broad ideologies: socialism and communism. Each are united by a set of grievance narratives which underline their cause.

I had to check for myself, because I didn’t believe this could be real, but it totally is - you can see for yourself about halfway through this course (it takes a few minutes to click through to the Terrorism section). Prevent duty training: Learn how to support people susceptible to radicalisation | Prevent duty training

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they’ve got me there on multiple fronts, tbh.


DiS’ll be a proscribed organisation before the year’s out.


Nah I think Suella still has ambitions to bag that first AQoS win before she burns us to the ground.


I’ve been bantering about this in the Rolling Descent into Fascism thread

Quite amused by the fact that left wing is apparently a terrorist ideology but right wing absolutely fine, they couldn’t even pretend to take the centrist approach

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Apparently anarcho-nihilism and anarcho-capitalism aren’t the ones they’re concerned about it’s the pesky anti-capitalists.

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…and replace it with a network of privately owned freeports

Wait a sec…


I’m not proud of it but I just can’t get past “tow the line”

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At least the current Labour party will be alright then!


Had to work with Prevent in a previous role. Complete acceptance within the organisation that white, right wing fascism is the terrorist threat to national security. And this is the guidance. Jfc.


Can someone explain to me why this new town plan is being made out to be a good idea? Is it just that it’s a policy from Keith for a change and it has homes in it which people seem to like? Is there any sort of reasoning behind it?

To me surely it would be better to fix and grow the towns we already have than making new ones. Because to me say building facilities and housing say in Derker after demolishing perfectly good terraced homes 15 years ago would be a better use of funds than building some Georgian Houses on the edge of London.

Genuine and comedy answers welcome.

They’re a bit more popular / less toxic politically because they don’t involve building homes in existing places. It makes new homes more orb an abstract, something that happens elsewhere but to everyone, everywhere.

Plus it’s wrapped up in a whole sense of nostalgia for the post-war period, which appeals to both left (slum clearance, improving the lot of the working classes!) and right (we’re a great nation who can do things!) in various measures. Uh even though historically the New Towns programme didn’t really achieve either of those things in a lot of places.


Oh and the other thing is that planning is a core local issue. Plans are made locally, and decisions on applications are taken locally. Central Government sets the bigger framework - and that gives it a lot of influence - but fundamentally it is a local thing.

But this also means the biggest logjams in the system are also all local - there are places that haven’t updated their local plan (the main policy document that guides development and against which applications are determined) in 20+ years, and they’re basically all places with huge growth demands and monster house prices. And this is mainly political - councillors elected on the back of local opposition to house building, or parties trying to gain seats by doing just that.

New Towns provide an easy way around that because central government can designate them, can set up development corporations that are responsible only to the centre (Ebbsfleet is one of these), and because the centre is the only way they’re getting funded as well.


It’s official, Labour has turned into CHUKTIG, get Gapesy back, stat


Looks like Nandos is back on the menu, boys!


Mike Gapes has already been welcomed back as a member, despite having stood against Labour at the last election.


The grown ups are back in charge

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And a great example of shit planning - The nearest home built as part of the project is a fifteen minute walk from the station through nothing but car parks, roads and fields.

What a chancer

Well just did a cursory Google and it seems that she was treated badly regarding the Patrick Grady stuff