UK Politics: September 2023 - Greg Hands and his election plans

At me Mum & Dad’s and they have the Beeb news on. What an absolutely bobbins top story on Net Zero.

Right so rishi is thinking of junking some net zero pledges.

So, my question:
Is global warming such a massive culture war thing that the tories are now a) trying to make it a wedge issue like trans rights, immigration, benefits and so on that they think it will tempt back traditional tory voters and those with brainworms who wouldn’t normally vote tory but just hate the idea of saving the planet or driving 20mph or whateveri.e. wanks
b) they know they’re losing the next election and want to force labour to similarly water down their net zero pledges which means more profit for them and their cronies and this will get them donors and positive media spin which will get them back into power in 2029 of whatever?

Have i got the brainworms now?

Destroying everything knowing the pricks opposite will go along with it and not reverse anything.


I think the simplest explanation is the best: they’re shouting about these ideas because they like them and want to do them

I’ve said this many many times but it’s not certain that the tories lose the next election

it looks extremely unlikely right now but things can change very fast

this is polling for the 2017 election

the Brexit party makes polling for the 2019 election look pretty nuts as well

anything can happen in a week never mind in a year

My bet is on a slim labour majority.

Just a really odd decision as lots of his own voters like these policies. Not gonna win anyone over at all.

He is also expected to rule out proposed recycling schemes with multiple bins.

“When I say the UK’s problem is centralisation, this is what I mean”, example # 2367643

Well if he has a signature move then is making strategic errors at exactly the wrong point

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claiming he was putting “the long-term interests of our country before the short-term political needs of the moment”

Aye, sure.

Keep consoling myself by thinking that surely it’s only a matter of time before the cunt’s helicopter drops out of the sky.

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I did think last night I wonder how annoyed car makers are going to be. Turns out it is a lot.

Very funny


Did the government not bung JLR a load of money a few weeks ago to build a battery plant too?

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No need to listen to those silly, woke, eco-warrior snowflakes at, errr, Ford


Farage showed we can’t rely on air crashes


I dunno why but this one has made me really cross this morning. Think it’s because its raining, had to walk past awful traffic this morning for what seems like ages, saw packham getting a hard time on the news and then saw the quote from prickshi saying its not about short term policy. wtf!!!

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Love it. Electric cars are really a benefit to the vehicle industry as opposed to the environment but he’s too caught up in the political optics of “green shit” to realise. Total panic stations for the govt imo. Must be horrible to be PM at the moment :slight_smile:


The thing is car makers are so far ahead in terms of development with this policy and other countries have committed to it that for a start it is really out of the Government’s hands, I wouldn’t be surprised if the judicial review is a massive threat to Sunak although by the time it’s done he’s probably out and in Silicon Valley anyway.

The correlation between Labour and the Lib Dems from April 2019 to Jan 2020 is pretty wild. Never really registered that before.

World’s tiniest violin for car manufacturers specifically, but dicking around with relatively settled policy like this is really damaging to the UK’s industrial strategy. There are already more than enough reasons for R&D-heavy companies to not bother investing in the UK relative to other places, you don’t need to pile “changing industrial priorities on a whim” to that list.

I don’t say this out of concern for maximising shareholder value, but for the effect it has on making good jobs available to folk.


Starting to think basing policy on perceived voter popularity isn’t such a great system


Ken Livingstone’s got Alzheimer’s

Still think this was one of the funniest things about that Swinson era of ludicrous over-confidence

Shadow Cabinet but everyone does six jobs.