UK politics thread: General election doom June 2024

33 days to go. Are you scared yet?


Just remembered Rishi was tackling the big issue of flytipping yesterday. By…putting points on their driver’s licence.

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Comforted by the fact we’ve already got a week through this. Ironically not the only countdown I’ve got going in my head since we’re about nine weeks from the revised timetable for our kitchen extension being finished so that’s two reasons to just stick my fingers in my ears and hope for time to pass quicker.

Fairly big problem where I live, tbh. Small fry in relation to other things that are going on admittedly, but the sort of issue I think people might vote on.

Clearly a knock-on of austerity, though. If the public hadn’t had any sense of civic pride flogged out of them most probably wouldn’t do it.


Can already get a (theoretically) unlimited fine for it or be sent to the big house.

Not sure the threat of 3 points on your licence is going to suddenly be a magic deterrent.


Yeah it’s been weird reckon its because the Tories are in shambles and Labour have been trying to get rid of everyone to the left of Tony Blair that it almost feels just like a normal week.

I don’t know much about it but it’s not addressing the cause of it and is putting in an extra punishment which seems less severe than ones already out there. It’s a pointless policy

And would guess if you wanted to crack down on it the bigger issue would actually catching who does it

Someone asked about Green Party transphobia in the last thread and I’m not sure anyone responded. Sorry I can’t remember who it was but I just read this, seems reassuring for those considering voting Green?


More resigned to a depressing result.

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Yeah, that was me - ta. I’ve seen a couple of things since then suggesting that the “gender critical” brigade are unhappy with the greens too, which is kinda comforting.

I’d been hoping they’d deal with it so I could lend them my vote in good consciousness, despite the bits of their platform that I don’t agree with.


I worked in a refuse department when Labour were in power, even then it was a huge issue. I don’t really know how you do tackle it, but at least then we had staff to work prosecutions of the worst offenders (which were often companies rather than individuals).

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Might have been an idea to mention it then eh, Laura? Oh well.


I’d muted a load of political words and people on Twitter after the last election, but thought i’d remove them and follow a few lefty accounts that I used to… regretting it. So tired of it all already.

Tired of the fucking Labour ads on Youtube before EVERY video too. The Croydon ones, I understand. But I keep getting them for the Chelsea and whatever it is borough too. Not sure who he is, but he’s not comfortable talking in front of a camera… or anyone I assume.
Sadly, the ten games would be the likes of Ipswich vs. Leicester


Yeah at the entrance to my road there’s a concrete slab in the embankment which presumably used to house a phone box. It’s almost constantly filled with what are quite clearly home clearances. That’s not people getting rid of a couple of things they can’t be bothered to take to the tip, it’s people with vans who charge people for bulk rubbish disposal and then tip it there every other night. There’s loads of signs up saying that there are cameras monitoring the site, including rather hilariously on our close as if it’s likely to be us dropping rubbish on our doorstep, but it’s clear to anyone there are no cameras and no enforcement.

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Start at 9 points.

Free to air Leicester games, you say?

Consider me fully converted to Daveymania.



Personally I’d crush the car/van with the fly tipper inside it

Hark at Mr Muscle, here. :muscle:


I think the maximum sentence for deliberate fly tipping is something like six months in the big house.