UK Politics Thread May 2024: Mayorals and Locals and Police Commissioners, Oh My!

These are local elections for local people.

:point_up_2: Bung your postcode in here to see how many elections you can vote in, where, and don’t forget your ID.

Best drawing of a cock and balls wins.

Can’t wait to exercise my democratic right to vote! Fuck yeah!


In a super safe Labour seat (and wouldn’t vote for them anyway) so its Count Binface for Mayor and Green for London assembly.


PCC is the only vote round here. So walk in, scrawl “ACAB” on the voting slip, walk out.


Cba voting today Labour safe council seat, Burnham is probably just cracking on berating Co-Op live today so :man_shrugging:.

Tbf to Burnham seems he has got more stuff done in his second term than he did in his 1st or at least it feels like it probably because bee network is so prevelant.

Mayor and PCC election, however the polling station is in the opposite direction to the train station and nobody has inspired me to go out of my way to vote.

The Labour candidate’s manifesto seemed pretty vague, the only thing he seems to be interested in is nationalising the buses (and no doubt painting a fucking bull on them because Manchester have put insects on theirs). Andy Street is fine, tbh. Not arsed if he wins again, although I’ll chop my arm off before I ever consider putting a cross in that box myself.

Seemed to be a bit of desperation from the Tories yesterday though with disgraced former prime minister Boris Johnson coming out to endorse Street and Gary Big Dinners calling the cops on the Labour candidate because he lives in Barnt Green (???)

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Voted for Khan in the London Mayoral election, didn’t feel too conflicted by it given it’s that one step removed from the parliamentary party and a bit of an administrative role rather than part of the party’s bleakly beige vision. There genuinely is clear blue water between him and Hall in a way there isn’t for the Labour party and Conservative party, imo. But fuck voting Labour in anything else, went unenthusiastically Green in the assembly and local councillor votes.


Look I’m not arsed about the Police and Crime dickhead, not turning up for that


And let’s not kid ourselves that Hall becoming London mayor would be anything less than a complete disaster, like worse than Johnson disaster and absolutely the worst thing that could happen.

Binface gets my t shirt money. Weird man khan gets my vote, if only so I can carry on counting his bus hopper journeys for him.

Bin day is coming though


(Is it ‘insects’, or just bees? Funnier line if the latter.)

Just took 93yr Mum to vote, she’s registered blind. In a very loud voice she said, “Which box for ‘I don’t give a fuck about who the Sussex police and crime commissioner is, I just like voting’?” A cheer would have gone up from waiting voters, had there been any.


Just went in to vote and ended up having a conversation about child Oyster cards with one of the registrars, because her son had lost his despite her having made him a special fabric holder, attached with elastic to a popper inside his jacket (which he obviously took off).

Oops forgot I was in London today. Feel free to blame me if Benfucking Houchen gets re-elected, which he almost certainly will because I can’t even remember who the Labour candidate is and his leaflet consisted entirely of things like “my mum lives in Redcar!” as though that is somehow qualifying.

I assume if Street/Houchen win (and if Hall doesn’t get totally trounced by Khan) this will be like the Uxbridge by-election Tory win where the Tories and the press crow about how this shows everything is fine for the Tories actually

Lovely stuff


They’re pretty nailed on to lose a headline-grabbing number of councillors though aren’t they? Hard to style that out even in your suggestion.

Plus I’m still terrified Hall is going to win.

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Whatever the results are, it seems nailed on that people are going to draw bad conclusions from them. Local elections are notoriously bad predictors for general elections.

The Tories are clearly hoping that Houchen and Street can hang on, and they can sell this as a win and no one will notice the other results. Be interesting to see if the media will let them have that narrative (they will)

Just the PCC nonsense for me. I’m not getting out of bed and going to another part of town just to confirm which prize pig I want at the top of the sty tyvm.

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