UK Snooker Championship '17



Ding donged.

Who should i be betting on? Much doing form-wise?

No Beeb coverage 'til Saturday?


Nice to see that Mark Williams won the NI Open the other week. I wouldn’t do anything daft like bet on him for this, though. Kind of lost track of the form recently I’m sorry to say.


In form lads:
O’Sullivan’s been well up for it this season so far
Murphy’s in great nick and is 25/1 in some places still which is madness
Williams might surprise you. Just won the NI Open. Wife’s currently ill though so might affect him in the UKs
Trump’s got to a couple of finals. Wouldn’t rule him out.

Two biggest ‘new’ stars of the season so far - Yan Bingtao and Luca Brecel. Yan just got edged by a resurgent Williams in NI. Finally becoming the real deal. Luca Brecel’s been unplayable at points this season.

My bet - I got on Luca at 40/1 after the Champion of Champions.

(All that being said, Selby will probably win it)

BIG SNOOKER CHAT at the moment is this new Taom chalk which apparently eradicates kicks. Some players swear by it. Others claim it’s nonsense. But still, BIG SNOOKER CHAT.


i saw a picture of luca brecel recently and he’s not a pudgy wee 16 year old any more is he


No he’s basically a completely bald 22-year old Mark Allen with a fucking shitload of tattoos.

Think I slagged him before as being a bit full of himself but he ain’t at all actually so I’ll retract that. If he gets going in one of the BBC Tournaments and people see just how fucking good he is he’ll be a new star of the game for sure.


Jimmy White’s through to the 2nd round/TV stages! Dicked The Captain 6-2 in the first round. G’wan Jimmy!


Quite a few relatively big names out in the first round - Hamilton, McLeod, Carter, Ding, Stevens.


Years haven’t been kind to Graeme Dott have they bless him


this boy who thrashed Hawkins has lovely hair


Giving Ronnie a run for his money, too. Good game this.


This Akani lad’s got something about him.


Thought Akani had it there. So unlucky.


Incredibly impressive performance from him. Some of the shots he was playing were phenomenal in the circumstances. Enjoyed Hendry repeatedly saying “Ooh, I wouldn’t do that” only for him to pull it off.


He looks like he’s permanently about to burst into tears. Shame he didn’t get a bit further after giving Trump such a humping.


Ohh, Sunny Akani! So close yet so far. He played a great match, and he’ll go a long way if he can keep producing performances like that. Still, I’ll always root for the Ronster, so either way I’d have been chuffed with the result.


this is adorable

gonna pretend they’re father and son


Yeah I’ve always liked Dotty. Fair play to him though - I’m happy with him getting knocked out if it means Stephen Maguire’s resurgence is an actual thing. Would love for him to be back in the mixer properly.


Wonderful stuff. Not so much of a “numpty” now, is he Ronnie??

Never even heard of this lad before, now I want to see him loads more often.


bit harsh for maguire to be 4-0 down here


where’s the scoreboard