UK to censor online videos of 'non-conventional' sex acts


Yet another brilliant, totally competent idea from our government!


“four-finger rule”


Imagine which Tory heartthrob got to decide which sex acts are “non-conventional”.

Mind you, if we still had Cameron they’d end up with a much shorter list than I could come up with.


I think it’s a good thing. We need to start living life, not watching it


yes and ho!

we should expand it to all non-conventional television and film as well. just leave the bake-off, downton abbey and the one show. that’s more than enough.


nah, we need to start baking cakes, not watching it


And your solution to that is proscriptive government censorship of depictions of otherwise totally legal sex acts?



Tbh people arguing against the bill are only looking out for number one


Any attempt by a government to control peoples legal and consenting sex lives is deeply wrong and worrying and the start of a slippery slope imo. So just what I expected from you new fascist overlords.


Lol fucking what? Should we also live life instead of reading it, too? Let’s ban books eh!


just use your imagination you lazy cunt


Shouldn’t I be doing life instead of imagining it, though?


This is absolutely nuts legislation - aside from the dangerous slippery slope of censorship that it represents (though we’re about halfway down there anyway)…they are censoring us watching acts that are legal to do. Also there is something about it which seems to me to be censoring because a bunch of MPs find these acts ‘icky’ or something.

Like…ban female ejaculation but not male ejaculation? Why? Also why ban menstruation?

Utterly clueless.


I think using your imagination is part of ‘doing life’ watching someone else’s imagination is ‘watching life’


Fixed this for you Casseroles.


:smiley: so… ban cinema? Fuck you Kubrik you’re great and all but I’m LIVING MY LIFE


Are they going to censor Cake Farts?


I missed the bit where we were getting telepathic powers as compensation for this.


Yeah there’s a strong line of misogyny going through it. Ban all those sex acts that involve women’s bodily fluids!


I’m sorry you feel like that. I’m just really anti-porn at the moment.