UK Towns you've visited that you're confident no other users have visited

Go on then, where have you been in the UK that you don’t think any of the rest of us have been

Velvet Bottom

Gonna say Buckfast in Devon - where Buckfast wine is made

I’m sure someone else has been - but it’s worth a punt

How the fuck do I know?

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The glory of this thread is in the guessing


I’m here to help others not to revel in mine own glory.

Here in this thread specifically to help or here on the community in general?

I’m going to go for Narberth, Pembrokeshire.


Community of course.

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I’ll say Garstang and Pontefract.

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And we’re all extremely grateful

Not that confident to be honest.


Bet japes has been there.

Maybe Elgin too. Not sure why you’d go there really.

Sorry bud, I’ve been there to compete in both cross-country and rugby matches

Think @Tilly probably has the IoW sewn up as much as me.

So, errr, no idea :frowning:

By the way, please reply to posts of towns that you’ve been to stating “I have been to this place”, ‘Likes’ will not suffice in this thread.

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My hometown, Bourne, in Lincolnshire

My school lost 56-0 :joy:
We were at the sort of level where we could beat most local state schools but got trounced by anyone who actually took it seriously.

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