UK Towns you've visited that you're confident no other users have visited

Market Weighton

Does driving through it count?

You tits probably can’t even pronounce it, let alone visit it.


Yes, for the purposes of this thread it does.

Which years?

Passed through it on the way to Cullen but didn’t stop. Not sure if this counts.



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Had a job interview there. They offered me it but I declined.

This thread was too boring without my latest ruling, sorry.

No problems.

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Whilst I respect your decision, I feel it has cheapened this otherwise marvellous thread.

Close, needs a bit more of a Flemish inflection.

Feel free to start a new thread without the driving-through-counts-as-visiting caveat. I wish you all the best with it.

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same thing

I’ve been through there before but never stopped. I think @thewarn has been there though.

Smashed over cow corner