Ukraine-Russia Crisis Thread

Wow. Can’t help but feel the UK is woefully underprepared, not necessarily in relation to this conflict escalating, but any conflict

Yeah exactly. I mean preparedness in itself isn’t a bad thing, but even if you just take small steps it definitely makes things more real when you actually think about what you’re doing.

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Neither the time nor a place for it but I believe it was an inside job in as much as the Saudi elite did it and the US government covered for them to spare blushes/oil supplies. I believe we landed on the moon though :man_shrugging:

EDIT: as @Irritable said, not the time or place for this debate


I wasn’t trying to tell you to be quiet, sorry if it came off that way. I thought this was an interesting post you deleted and it does bear discussion because “fake news”, faith in institution and conspiracism is as much a part of this conflict as the tanks and soldiers.


and @Irritable @hip_young_gunslinger


For example the intelligence being right here is now retroactively justifying the lies we told to start previous wars. An awful precedent.

And I also saw a thing about, there is a very similar and fascinating age gap to US/UK between younger Russians who are against the war and anti-Putin, and the older Russians who believe everything the government says. Based on how likely older people are to get news exclusively from television and right wing websites aimed at baby boomer Russians, much like Facebook has poisoned our elders here in West… There was a good thread on twitter by a data person, I will try to find it.

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It’s only going to get worse because an even greater authoritarian crackdown is the only way the regime can go while it attempts to recover from this fiasco. A gigantic North Korea

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Santiago Abascal (the politician) is the leader of the fascist party Vox btw.


So, there are more fash in the Spanish parliament than in Ukraine’s? Someone needs to tell twitter

Somebody at the BBC doesn’t know the different between metres and miles.

Can’t imagine having to make these kinds of decisions about sending your child off in the hope he meets the right people at the other end. Thank goodness this one ended relatively well.

probably. just providing some context as the video doesn’t say he’s the leader of a fascist neo-falangist political party rather than representative of some mainstream view on immigration.

Abascal’s political programme for 2018 includes the expulsion of all illegal immigrants, the construction of “impassable walls” in the Spanish African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, the prohibition of the teaching of Islam, the exaltation of “national heroes”, the elimination of all regional parliaments and opposition to Catalan nationalism.[16] He used anti-Muslim rhetoric in 2019 and called for a new Reconquista or reconquest of Spain.[17]

He makes the fight against feminism, which he calls “feminazism”, one of his priorities. Hostile to the policy of combating gender violence, he believes that men are stigmatised by feminists. He promotes climate change denial and believes that global warming is the “greatest swindle in history”.[18]


A fun game to play with guys like this is to guess what parts of their platforms are their genuine beliefs and which they got told to promulgate by the dark money that funds them. The bit about building walls to keep the black people out, that’s all his, big walls are a key part of his thought process. Climate change denial though, guaranteed that came from an organisation called something like el instituto para pensadores libres.


I wouldnt worry too much about it. Sweden would not be remotely the next country targeted if Russia have big imperial ambitions and we dont even know if they do. So much energy is spent worrying. I guess having a plan if things go to crap isnt a bad idea. I mean I have one. But I think its extremely unlikely and you will have ample warning.

Just NATO giving grenade launchers to neo-nazis in Europe - there’s even a Wolfsangel patch front and centre

what could possibly go wrong :upside_down_face:

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Looks like a dodgy deal in a multi-storey car park.



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This war is ideal for liberals because they get to indulge in every depraved psychosexual death fantasy they have ever had while pretending Russia is a uniquely aggressive actor.


That’ll teach the entirely innocent civilians of Bangladesh who had no say in their government’s stance on the war!